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Gorgeous Bar, Stella Bangkok, Celebrates Women Who Helped Shape the Cocktail Industry

Updated: May 17, 2023

Stella Bangkok's Center Piece, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

Cocktail bar culture worldwide exudes testosterone due to the prevalence of male figures. Still, Stella Bangkok at Capella Bangkok is a cocktail bar celebrating women. Recently, the bar launched a new cocktail menu inspired by four iconic women in the cocktail industry.

Bar Manager Song Terbsiri, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

After being in the industry for quite some time, finally, Song Terbsiri recently moved to Stella Bangkok as Bar Manager. His first mission as Stella Bangkok's new bar manager was to create new menu with his new team. He extended an invitation to Chomp to sample his new bar's latest menu.

As mentioned earlier, the menu was inspired by four women. As a result, each woman inspired three drinks.

Cocktail By Jove, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

The first iconic woman is Ada Coleman, Head Bartender of The American Bar at The Savoy Hotel in London, who invented the classic cocktail Hanky Panky. At her time, women were rarely behind bars, and she thrived on being the first female Head Bartender of the cocktail institute in the world. In Coleman Section, there are a milk punch-styled cocktail called Coley, a Martini twist called By Jove and a Hanky Panky twist, Hanky Panky Fizz. All of the drinks in this section are gin-based.

Chomp ordered the classic version and the twist version out of curiosity. For those who heard Hanky Panky for the first time, it is a spirit-forward drink with Fernet Branca which many people find quite challenging to consume -- we like it, though. Stella Bangkok's Hanky Panky Fizz is the opposite. It's a sweet & sour drink with additional egg white, tamarind, lime and ginger ale.

Cocktail Boadas, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

The next iconic woman in Stella's lineup is the late Maria Dolores Boadas, aka La Gran Dama, who passed away in March 2017. Inherited the oldest cocktail bar in Barcelona from her father, Miquel Boadas, Maris Dolares Boadas was the second-generation owner of Boadas. The new menu features a collection of rum-based cocktails inspired by her unique and flair-infused technique of throwing cocktails. In Boadas Section, A Sangria-style signature, La Dolores, can be found for those who seek something tropical, fruity, refreshing and slightly tart.

Also, a drink with an Asian character, Boadas, and a clarified milk punch-variation of Piña Colada, Maria Colada, are in this section.

Cocktail Rita, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

American actress Rita Hayworth whose real name was Margarita Barmen Cansino was a muse to a bartender at The Foreign Club in Tijuana, Mexico, to create a cocktail named after her real name. Like the previous sections, this section also has three cocktails based on tequila. The first one is called Tijuana's Tale, a tribute to the classic Margarita. The second one is called Rita, inspired by the Latin word "Margarita," which means "pearl." This drink has a refreshing and light taste, with sensha flavouring inspired by the ethereal beauty of pearls. The third one, Mi Angel, is a perfect aperitif interpretation of the classic Paloma.

Cocktail American Fashioned, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

American bourbon specialist Joy Perrine co-wrote "The Kentucky Bourbon Cocktail Book" and played a significant role in advancing women's presence in the American bar industry. Cocktails in the Perrine section are Bourbon-based. Pale Perrine is a sweet & sour drink that combines true American drinks, Bourbon and beer, into one. American Fashioned is a honeyed and buttery twist on the classic Old Fashioned.

Manhattan Club is obviously a twist on Manhattan. Song adds a Thai accent by using logon fruit and Northern Thai ingredients. The local ingredients tease the smoky character making it a dynamic cocktail.

Stella Bangkok's Cocktails, Courtesy of Stella Bangkok

Let's pay tribute to these women because, without them, the cocktail culture wouldn't be wholesome.

Stella Bangkok

Hours: Daily, 18:00 - 00:00

Reserve: +662 098 3888

Location: 300/2 Charoen Krung Rd, Yannawa, Sathon, Bangkok 10120


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