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AirAsia Thailand Adds a New Queuing Service on the AirAsia Super App for Your Convenience

Cover airasia Super App's new Queuing Service
airasia Super App's Food Service page

Some restaurants don't take advance bookings and only cater to walk-in customers. Waiting in a queue for a table can be frustrating for customers, which can often take hours. While locals may find it easier to dine there at any other time, this may not be convenient for tourists and travellers who may not have another opportunity to visit that restaurant.

The waiting customers
The waiting customers

The airline company understands the inconvenience many tourists and travellers have endured and has recently introduced Thailand a new Queuing Service on the airasia Super App's Food Service to alleviate this issue.

airasia Queuing Service rider taking queuing ticket
airasia Queuing Service rider taking queuing ticket

The Queuing Service was designed to address that inconvenience by having someone else wait for you. The service enables travellers and local Bangkokians alike to have airasia Queuing Service riders queue up for them at participating restaurants.

You can reserve dinner service ahead of time for any day between 6:00 PM and 8:00 PM. To do so, simply access the airasia Super App and click the 'Food' icon. From there, select 'Queuing Service', pick a participating restaurant, and indicate the number of diners.

Agree to the terms and conditions, confirm the restaurant location, and book the service. Then, choose your preferred date and time, and pay the service fee, which starts at 100 THB.

airasia Queuing Service rider waits for your queue
airasia Queuing Service rider waits for your table

Currently, anyone can reserve dinner spots at 15 participating street food locations in Bangkok, including CQK HOTPOT, Michelin Guide Jeh O Chula, Lek Seafood Yaowarat, Khun Ple Mookata, and Yi Ja Suki Mala.

Food at airasia Super App's Queuing Service partner, Khun Ple Moo Krata
airasia Super App's Queuing Service partner, Khun Ple Moo Krata

Thailand is the first country to launch this service. On the 8th of June 2023, airasia Super App launched the service and invited media and influencers to Khun Ple Moo Krata, a famous local hotpot restaurant in Huai Khwang District. This place is renowned for the tenderness of its pork, well-balanced soup and three sauces.

To keep up with the latest deals on the airasia Super App, follow airasia Super App Thailand on Instagram. For a smoother and better experience, download the airasia Super App from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

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