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Pulling the Curtains Apart for Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing Experience

Behind The Curtain, a cocktail bar inside Mia Restaurant is led by Spanish Bar Manager, Marc Perez Rodriguez, offering a selection of carefully and well-crafted concoctions and signature small bites in an intimate yet stylish atmosphere on the first floor. Guests can walk in without a reservation.

Chomp Magazine was invited to experience an exclusive Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing. The experience was a sweet, boozy experience where our senses were delighted. Sharing her global culinary background through confectionary treats, Chef Michelle Goh paired up with Marc. Together, they presented savoury and sweet desserts paired with outstanding cocktails in an intimate 6-seat bar.

Marc shared with us his love of classical cocktails with Asian flavours. He infused his drinks with a Mediterranean and Asian influence with a minimalist approach under the motto "less is more". The experience of five desserts and five cocktails or mocktails for people who don't drink alcohol costs 3,200++ baht per person.

The Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing started with yellowy mango sorbet with homemade fish floss, lime and ikura paired with a cocktail made of roasted mango and topped with champagne. The dessert was tangy, sweet, salty and savoury with textures of the dry fish floss and pulpy burstable ikura. The pairing cocktail was linked to the dish by mango cordial while champagne helped cleanse the palate.

The second course was soft green pandan cream topped with lychee sorbet, jasmine puffed rice and coconut snow. This creamy confectionery had some light tanginess and aromas of jasmine rice, coconut and pandan. It was paired with Cachaça based cocktail mixed with soju, lychee, ginger syrup, lime and yopol. The slightly prickly effect from ginger added some fun to the course.

The third course was Moscato custard covered with salted plum crumbles and topped with a plum sorbet decorated with tiny purple shiso leaves. It was crunchy and creamy. The shiso leaves gave the dish some cinnamon, cloves and mint flavours. The cocktail was based of grape-infused sake mixed with red wine reduction bitters and sprayed with limoncello perfume. This pair was a balance between complimenting and contrasting flavours.

The fourth course was Baileys ice cream, covered with a dark chocolate dome decorated with macadamia. This chocolaty, creamy and nutty treat would be chocolate lovers' favourite. The pairing cocktail was vodka-based with coconut milk, hazelnut liqueur and oolong tea syrup. With all the nutty and creamy flavours, Mark added citric acid to give this drink some sour dimension into the drink.

Last but not least, a sweet and savoury dish of vanilla soufflé with roasted barley covered with shaved truffle paired with a clarified milk punk of mezcal mixed with vanilla syrup and raisin. The cocktail had a playful trick: the ice cube served in the cocktail had a tiny hole for dropping some coffee bitters. The ice melted gradually, allowing the coffee bitters to drop into the cocktail slowly. Every sip was different!

Chomp Magazine recommend guests book Behind The Curtain's Omakase Dessert and Cocktail Pairing in a group of six to receive a perfect experience with people they love and care about.

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