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On the High with Bong Appetit

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Since Thailand is open to cannabis, Bangkok is flourished with cannabis cafés. One chef who takes cannabis indulgence to the next level is Chef Steven John of Empty Plates Bangkok. This Thai-Swiss Chef has been famous for private dining for years, and his new private dining project, Bong Appetit - The Lawn Table, is one of a kind.

Hosted inside a secluded space in the hectic Sukhumvit 11, guests could enjoy the unexpected serenity with a vast garden that fits a table for twenty, a smoking lounge under a big old tree and a cocktail station. The two stories building was set to be a place where local cannabis vendors sell their goods and a venue for an after-party.

It's a seven-coursed dinner started with Crab & Truffle comprising two small bites; Mud Crab Tartelettte and Truffle Mushroom Egg with THC shatter and Truffle Indica. These two bites had different textures and were flavourful but didn't dominate the taste buds. A good opening course. This course was followed by Tuna Tataki, a seared fresh tuna with miso, ginger, white bean and ponzu. This dish is umami and refreshing. Chef John put a small dose of Amnesia Haze to enhance some citrusy notes.

The third course, Whisky Succulent Pork!, is a pork belly so succulent served with sauerkraut, black forest and chicharrón. THC Pink olive oil was added to give the dish a relaxing finish. After this dish, Tropic Jungle was served. It is a dish of tiger prawn, pomelo, pineapple, mango, garlic and vanilla with THC Pink olive oil and THC shatter.

Chef John and his team gave each of us a surprise of a small joint to puff before continuing the later courses.

After a joint break, we continued with the fifth course called Purple Rain. An aged duck with preserved plum, blueberry and plum chutney. This dish also contained THC rosemary - garlic butter for intense aromas. This dish was followed by the sixth dish, H-E-M-P. This is a pasta dish with some crunch. Hempseed linguine covered in hemp pesto, hemp ash, crispy bacon, lemon and pistachio.

Last but not least, Bananuts!, a banana sponge cake served with banana cream, baileys mousse and banana, and topped with THC chatter crumble and THC honey.

After everyone finished their dinner, Chef drew a raffle ticket, and the lucky person took home some goods and edibles. The menu of the next round of Bon Appetit may change due to the season. Feel free to check it out on Empty Plates' official Instagram account: @amptyplatesbkk, and on its official Facebook page: Empty Plates Bangkok.

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