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House 38, Vientiane's One-stop Service for Food, Wine and Cocktails

House 38's exterior | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

Vientiane is becoming increasingly popular among tourists from both near and far. This is due to the unique blend of its own traditional culture, 19th Century French culture, and modernity while still maintaining a tranquil and relaxed atmosphere.

Food, bar and café scenes are developing. After recovering from the pandemic, some places dissolved in thin air, but several establishments remain, and new locations have emerged.

The rooftop of House 38 | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

House 38 is a two-story restaurant on Donnokkhoum Road that offers a blend of local and Western cuisine. Guests can enjoy a variety of wines to accompany their meals, and the rooftop adds an extra touch to the dining experience. Also, cocktails here are decent and developed by Group Beverage Director Chayopas "Krod" Chortubtim, a bartender who won several competitions from Bangkok and moved to Vientiane to drive the bar scene here.

The second floor's interior of House 38 | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

The exterior of House 38 is a blend of white brick walls and wooden frames for the windows and doors. Inside, a higher percentage of wooden materials creates a peaceful, inviting atmosphere with its warm and clean tone.

House 38's Cocktail bar with the sunset | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

The cocktail bar section by the big window allows drinkers to admire the sunset while enjoying their favourite cocktails.

Charcuterie Platters of four cured meat from Spain and Italy | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

The food here is crafted using a combination of locally sourced and imported ingredients, including those grown in-house, to ensure that customers receive only the highest quality dishes. Our Charcuterie Platters feature a selection of four types of cured meat, including Salchichon, Chorizo, Coppa, and Cecina de Léon, imported from Spain and Italy, and housemade pickles and olives.

Tuna Tataki | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

Tuna Tataki is a big chunk of Tuna cut into smaller chunks, coated with white and black sesame and lightly pan-seared before serving on a plate with a bed of vegetables and rocket leaves. Ponzu sauce is served on the side. The lightly seared redfish is sweet and fragrant with toasted sesame. The umami and citrusy ponzu gives the fish meat dimension. The bitter rocket helps cleanse the palate from the fish's fat.

House Sausages | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

Enjoy House 38's House Sausages, a bites dish that comprises Kielbasa and Italian sausages made from locally sourced pork with no preservatives, baked potatoes, house-pickled vegetables, and mustard. The sausages are crunchy, juicy and fragrant with herbs and spices. The meat has more bites than imported products.

House 38's Chicken Gordon Bleu with Cheddar and Caper Sauce

House 38 offers a delicious Chicken Gordon Bleu. This crumbed roll is made with chicken breast, ham, and Asian spinach and is drizzled with cheddar and caper sauce.

Grilled Chicken | Courtesy of House 38, Vientiane

In Vientiane, House 38 is known for being an expert in grilling. Grilled chicken, local beef tenderloin, wagyu, and lamb racks are perfectly cooked according to each customer's preference. However, Chomp noticed that the meat here was more firm and gave more bite. It's a local preference, so don't be surprised if the meat: beef, pork or chicken is slightly chewy compared to other places.

If you're looking for a place to eat in Vientiane, be sure to visit House 38 when you're feeling hungry.

House 38, Vientiane

Hours: Daily, 11:00 - 21:00

Reserve: +856 20 52 967 423

Location: WJQM+5PM, Donnokkhoum Road, Vientiane, Laos

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