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Newly One MICHELIN-Starred Restaurant Offers Garden in a Bite

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Signature Restaurant has received its first one MICHELIN star, the modern French and floral cuisine led by talented and experienced Chef Thierry Drapeau, who calls his approach Cuisine of the Soil. Using only the best, most pure ingredients and flavours from land and sea, his cuisine brings out the best of both worlds.

Chomp Magazine was invited to taste Chef Thierry's work. As soon as we arrived on the 11th floor of VIE Hotel Bangkok, where the renowned restaurant is situated, we were greeted and taken to our table, which closed the big navy blue curtain. We heard some noises and voices behind the curtain, but we didn't put our mind into it. At 19:00, the curtain opened and revealed the restaurant's open kitchen, and the team and Chef Thierry greeted guests before they served Canapés Potager.

The Canapés Potager consists of 3 dishes and a welcome drink. The first dish was chicken and crispy rice ball decorated with edible flowers and greens on a stick and smoked inside a dome glass lid. The second dish was a bite-sized charcoal rice cracker with 2 giant caviar sauces, a crab drizzled with creamy green sauce and beautified with green and purple plants. The last dish of this section is a savoury and creamy tart with greens and Prachuap Khiri Khan beluga caviar on top.

The welcome drink was a mixed fruits cocktail served in a small, adorable tube. It was sweet and sour and refreshing.

The first course was called Amuse Bouche. The main ingredient of this course was tomato. There were 3 dishes in this course: a dish of tomato and black olive brioche served with green herb butter, a dish of pink tomato candy floss-look-a-like on a stick and a dish of various forms of tomato.

After finishing the first course and waiting for the next course, Chomp Magazine walked around in the distance to explore Chef Thierry's kitchen. To keep the quality of the vegetables, fruits and flowers in the right corner of the kitchen, there is a refrigeration aisle where they rest and wait to be served.

The next course was the beautiful Le Homage, a Brittany lobster with Macau artichoke soup. The lobster was sweet and fresh. It went really with the soup and vegetables it was served with. The dish was textureful. It stimulated all five human senses.

L'Agreau, the third course, was a dish of Pyrenees lamb served with different kinds of greens and edible flowers. The lamb was soft, juicy and sweet. It was complimented by the sauce and greens. For those who wonder if the lamb was gamy, Chomp Magazine can assure you that it wasn't.

It couldn't be called French cuisine with fromages. A portable table of cheese was rolled to our table. There were 6 kinds of cheese for us to choose from. Every guest can choose only 3 cheeses. We chose the sharp, funky, pungent, nutty, fruity Tete de Moine, nutty, floral, sweet Beaufort Alpage and buttery and creamy Brillat Savarin. These cheeses were served with apple chutney in a cone and jelly.

The dessert was Plaisirs Sucré, a Bigarreau cherry, apple, and celery decorated with strawberries and small leaves. This sweet and sour dish was like a party in the mouth.

When we thought it was the end, the staff brought us multiple tiny chocolate treats and a chocolate egg.

The chocolate egg contained a surprise of homemade chocolate marshmallows, truffles and red hot rose petals. Chomp Magazine heard that Chef Thierry will launch a new menu soon, but before that Signature Restaurant will host The Reunion Chefs. It's a reunion of 5 renowned chefs with 8-course of imaginative modern French & floral cuisine on the first two nights. On the third night, an extravagant “Cheese Night” reception with gorgeous wines and over 20 cheeses from Les Frères Marchand, the oldest artisanal cheese makers in France. This is a rare occasion food lovers shouldn't miss.

Open: Tue - Sun, 18:00 - 22:00

Reserve: +662 309 3939

Location: 11th floor, Vie Hotel Bangkok, 117/39-40 Phaya Thai Rd, Bangkok

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