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Fuchsia Lights Up Bangkok's Nightlife Scene by Breaking from Thai Nightclub Stereotype

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife

Watermelon Group is one of Thailand's most successful food and beverage groups, known for providing its guests high-quality services, food, drinks, and entertainment. The group owns several popular establishments, including the renowned cocktail bar Rabbit Hole, the MICHELIN-starred restaurant Canvas, the jazz bar Crimson Room and Fuchsia, a new nightclub in the Bang Rak District on Decho Road. With such success and experience, it is sure that Fuchsia will be another successful outlet - in fact, it has already gained patrons and recognition.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
A pair of dancers at Fuchsia

Fuchsia is a show-led nightclub that takes pride in selecting only professional dancers who are experts in their craft. Upon arrival, guests pass by a crystal glass wall before entering the front door. They then walk through a hallway adorned with a gigantic mirror and hot pink lighting before reaching the dystopian futuristic-looking main salon, where the stage is. The stage features a metal pole, indicating that pole dancing is one of the club's main attractions. Unlike most bars with pole dancing in Bangkok or even Thailand, Fuchsia isn't a stereotypical establishment where only male patrons and tourists are allowed. Fuchsia's dancers are artists full of life and soul with undeniable talent. Additionally, it welcomes everyone regardless of their gender and age. It provides a secure environment for both employees and customers.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Supawit Muttarattana

Chomp had a chat with the Group Beverage Director of Watermelon Group, Supawit Muttarattana, who has several accomplishments under his belt. He has been awarded Bar Awards Bangkok's Bartender of the Year 2018, Campari Bartender Competition Asia Champion 2018, and Diageo World Class Bartender Thailand Champion 2012.

Prior to joining Watermelon Group, he served as the Group Bar Manager for the Foodie Collection group, owning a renowned Vesper Bar. Under his leadership, Vesper secured its highest place on Asia's 50 Best Bars at number 11 in 2020. Additionally, he co-founded the acclaimed Backstage Cocktail Bar, which unfortunately had to close down due to COVID-19.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Pole dancing show featuring Aerin Yuktadatta

With Supawit's leadership, the grand opening of Fuchsia on 11th October 2023 went majestically with shows from Thai celebrities such as Kanticha Chumma and Aerin Yuktadatta. It quickly became a venue that attracted partygoers. It has received much praise for its sick pole dancing shows performed by skilled dancers.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Fuchsia's atmosphere before the operation time

Chomp made it to the nightclub at five o'clock in the evening before the operation time. Supawit was already on the second floor, engrossed in his laptop. I greeted him, and he came down to meet me. We sat at one of the tables, chatting about our respective lives. The serene and monotonous atmosphere before the opening is in stark contrast to the vibrant and lively environment that the club would transform into once the hall is dyed with colourful lights and vivid visuals from the same quality projector that teamLab uses, and the sound of music and people's screams of excitement and anticipation.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Fuchsia's centre stage

After catching up with each other's lives, the conversation shifted to the origin of Fuchsia.

"The owners of Watermelon Group would like to explore the food and beverage business. The group started with the opening of Rabbit Hole, one of Thailand's first modern speakeasy cocktail bars with a nightclub vibe, in 2016. A year later, the group launched Canvas, a fine-dining restaurant. In 2019, Crimson Room, an opulent jazz bar, was opened, followed by Bar Marco, a retro-themed bar, a year later. The group's outlets are diverse," Supawit explained. "Nightclub is something we hadn't had, so we wanted to add it to our group. Also, Bangkok nightclubs have been quiet for some time, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Our goal is to entertain our guests in every possible way - visually, acoustically and gastronomically, and put Fuchsia on the map as a must-visit destination in Asia."

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
a performer on the centre stage's pole

In Thailand, when it comes to pole dancing, the first thing that comes to mind of locals and tourists is its association with A-Go-Go bars, which often hire unskilled or inexperienced dancers. However, Fuchsia's dancers are either Dance Major graduates or certified dance instructors who have passed the audition process and rehearsed extensively. Every move is carefully choreographed and executed with perfect posture.

"We want Fuchsia to be different and attract a diverse range of patrons," Supawit emphasised. "In other cities, other countries, there are clubs with unique shows that showcase the art of performance, and he wants Fuchsia to be one of them."

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Void Acoustics sound system

To enhance the experience, the nightclub uses a high-quality sound system from Void Acoustics that not only gives a sick sound but also has a sick design.

Unlike other nightclubs, Fuchsia's well-thought-out drink programme offers plenty of options for different types of drinkers, thanks to Supawat and his team.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Fuchsia's bartender

"Besides our beer and wine selections, we also serve cocktails that aren't just classic cocktails. Our cocktail menu has a concept which is inspired by flowers. The flower is a symbol of women. Our cocktail menu comprises twelve different cocktails, representing different styles of women." Supawit said.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Bloody Jasmine

Gin and Tonic-styled Bloody Jasmine is refreshing and aromatic. It is made from compound gin infused with eucalyptus, jasmine extract, citrus, and tonic.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Little Flower

Little Flower is made from a London dry gin, rosé, lychee, peach, elderflower and citric solution. The foam on top is made from apple juice and elderflower.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
Black Black Honey

Black Black Honey is a clarified milk punch-styled cocktail containing gin infused with Earl Grey tea, honey, cranberry, sherry and bitters. It's smooth and showcases the spirit intensely.

Fuchsia, a nightclub, lights up Bangkok's nightlife
One of Fuchsia's talented pole dancers

Step into the alluring world of Fuchsia, a nightlife destination that defies expectations and offers an unforgettable experience in Bangkok. Fuchsia

Hours: WED-SUN, 20:00 – 02:00 Hours

Reserve: +6665 057 8977

Location: Decho Road, Suriya Wong, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500


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