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From Mountainous Chiang Mai to the Bustling City of Bangkok, Araksa Brews More Than Just Tea

Updated: Jan 9

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Araksa Tea Room Bangkok

Nestled in a cosy small alley of Chareon Krung 38, Araksa Tea Room Bangkok is a branch of Araksa Tea Garden surrounded by Chiang Mai's mountains. Located in a different terrain, Araksa Tea Room Bangkok reflects the brand's core of sustainable tea plantation, picking and supporting the local community.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Arakra's tea plantation in Chiang Mai

It all started when the owner of Araksa Tea Garden purchased a deserted, overgrown plot of land in Bangchang, Maetang, in Chiang Mai and discovered that the land had tea plants growing naturally. Instead of cutting them down, the owner decided to become an organic tea producer, aiming to farm it sustainably and support the local community. The brand is proud of its organic tea farm, which has received USDA and EU Organic certification from Ceres- GmbH since 2018. In 2020, Araksa's Bluefly Tea, Araksa Thai Tea and Silk Tea received the Gold, Silver, and Gourmet Excellent Medals from a non-governmental, non-profit organisation, mainly composed of producers and taste enthusiasts, the Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products (AVPA), respectively. A year later, the brand's Arun White Tea and Sayun White Tea received Gourmet Excellent Medals.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Tea shelf at Araksa Tea Room Bangkok

Araksa's expertise lies in not only growing tea organically but also hand-picking and treating it with the help of the tribal communities and local Thais. This method of tea harvesting ensures the quality of the tea and provides job opportunities for the locals, which helps preserve local knowledge and traditions. Additionally, Araksa ensures that every tea waste it produces is utilised effectively by turning it into the plantation's fertiliser, which creates a sustainable cycle that helps protect the environment and reduces the impact of waste.

Araksa Tea Garden's primary product is tea, offering a wide variety of options for tea enthusiasts. The place has a tea house where visitors can dine on a slow-food menu featuring mindful and authentic Thai dishes and enjoy their tea pairings. Additionally, the tea garden is open for tea tours and workshops.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Araksa's tea

The purpose of expansion in Bangkok is to share the experience with a broader audience and support local craftsmanship by incorporating indigenous hill tribe materials and showcasing local artwork. The Araksa Tea Room Bangkok is situated in a two-story building, and its space is serene yet inviting, carefully curated with a focus on using natural resources and decorative elements of textiles, ceramics, and handicrafts from Chiang Mai artisans. On the first floor, one can enjoy a delightful afternoon tea experience, complete with a scrumptious selection of homemade baked goods. Araksa Tea Room Bangkok offers a lunch menu that features tea-pairing with traditional Thai dishes made using responsibly sourced ingredients. The dishes are curated mindfully to celebrate vibrant flavours and the experience of enjoying a leisurely meal.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Yum Bai Cha Tod

Yum Bai Cha Tod is one of the highlights. Crispy and crunchy deep-fried battered tea leaves with dressing on the side. Guests can choose the dressing from mushroom, chicken, or Miang Khum dressings. Either dressing gives depth, flavour and aroma to the dish.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Khao Yum

Khao Yum is a dish containing turmeric and butterfly pea flower rices cooked in coconut milk served with sides of roasted coconut, ginger, wild ginger flower, cashews, green mango, pomelo, lemongrass, and dressing.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Tom Khlong Play Yang

Tom Khlong Pla Yang is a spicy and sour soup with firm chunks of grilled fish, tomatoes, onions and local herbs. It's aromatic, rich and refreshing, a perfect pick-me-up dish.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Coffee Flower Tea

Coffee Flower Tea is a seasonal tea. The dried coffee flowers are blended with English Breakfast tea. The aroma of this tea is a mixture of English Breakfast tea and jasmine, which comes from the coffee flowers.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Thida Green Tea

Signature Thida Green Tea is handcrafted by pan-roasted and hand-rolled before being dried. It has fresh floral, honey, green, and nutty notes and is velvety on the palate.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Iced Thai Milk Tea

Iced Thai Milk Tea is rich in flavour and aroma. The tea is boiled in lactose-free milk for five minutes and then added with organic brown sugar to taste. The tea has soft vanilla and caramel notes.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Butterfly Pea Ice Cream

Butterfly Pea Ice Cream is rich with a nice natural blue colour. The serve comes with two scoops of the ice cream.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok
Thai Tea Panna Cotta

Thai Tea Panna Cotta is a creamy and jiggly dessert served with diced ripe mango, adding a texture, tropical note and flavour.

The tea room offers meticulously crafted tea-based cocktails that showcase innovative blends and local ingredients, paying homage to Thai heritage. Additionally, visitors can explore the retail space on the second floor, which boasts a wide selection of teas and unique products such as the handcrafted tea timer and bamboo tea strainer, made by locals and providing perfect souvenirs to take home.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok offers a unique and delightful dining experience that goes beyond just serving food and tea. Patrons get to indulge in delicious treats but also contribute to the local community and promote sustainability.

Araksa Tea Room Bangkok

Hours: Daily, 10:00 – 22:00

Reserve: +6664 126 7978

Location: 12 Charoen Krung 38 Alley, Khwaeng Bang Rak, Khet Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500


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