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From a Famous Strand of Springs and Geysers to Sustainable Glass Bottle

Sai Yok, a strand of immaculate springs and geysers in Kanchanaburi province, Thailand, is famous for being a local and international tourist destination. However, Sai Yok Springs and Geysers is more than just a picturesque spot for people to take selfies or relish. It's the water source of the recently launched sustainable mineral water brand called Sai Yok Springs.

Although Sai Yok Springs, the company, doesn't get its water from the parts of the springs and geysers inside Sai Yok National Park, it does get it from the part of Sai Yok deep within the valley between Sai Yok National Park and Erawan National Park. The water there is naturally high in calcium, 47 mg/L, and magnesium, 110 mg/L.

On 13th March 2023, Sai Yok Springs, founded by the Radash family, was launched at its Bangkok warehouse on Chan Road, Thung Maha Mek featuring vegan boat noodles and desserts from Canes, along with sustainable cocktails with locally sourced ingredients by Kosapan mixologists. The highlight of the evening was the opportunity to taste Sai Yok Springs' still and sparkling mineral water.

Sai Yok Springs is Thailand's first locally sourced mineral water bottled in closed-loop glass bottles. The closed-loop system for reusable glass bottles is a recycling system where used glass bottles are collected, cleaned, refilled, and redistributed to consumers, creating a sustainable cycle. The refillable bottles are reusable for up to 200 cycles and are bottled in the Sai Yok Springs plant, which relies solely on solar and hydropower.

While sustainability and quality are the brand's priorities, the community is also essential. Sai Yok Springs employs and empowers Phu Ongka villagers in Sai Yok District, Kanchanaburi, by providing employment and contributing profits to local community development.

The brand has taken as many steps as possible to reduce its carbon footprint so that consumers can enjoy the delights of mineral water with as little potential harm to the environment whilst each sip generates a positive social impact.

In an era when water consumption and waste are increasing in Thailand, and as the hospitality and F&B industries strive to reduce their environmental impact, Sai Yok Springs offers consumers who value quality, sustainability, and community involvement a viable alternative through working with like-minded hotels and restaurants.

The launch party marked the beginning of Sai Yok Springs' mission to transform Thailand's mineral water industry into a sustainable, community-oriented, and environmentally conscious brand. The company has distributed their sustainable mineral water to some establishments in Bangkok already and plans to expand its distribution to high-end restaurants and hotels throughout Bangkok and, eventually, the rest of Thailand.

You can check out their website for more information.

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