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Former Canal-Side Residence Turned Chatrium Grand Bangkok

The authentic Thai-owned hospitality brand, Chatrium Hotels and Residences, transformed an old residence into their luxury portfolio, Chartirum Grand Bangkok. Situated in a small alley of Petchaburi Road, this canal-side hotel sure has some surprises under its sleeves. With its unique colour scheme on the exterior, guests that wish to stay cannot miss it. The red and grey Chatrium Grand Bangkok is standout from neighbouring blue, grey and white buildings.

Chatrium Grand Bangkok has two towers; Building 1 is a hotel, and Building 2 is a residence. Chomp Magazine and other respectable media were invited to the grand opening and had an exclusive one-night stay at the hotel.

As soon as we checked in and put our luggage in the room, we went to the media assembly point, Chatrium Club Lounge, on the 32nd floor. Then Chatrium team took us for a tour to see all the hotel and residence room types.

There are 5 room types: One Bedroom Suite, Two Bedroom Suite, Executive Two Bedroom Suite, Three Bedroom Suite and the sold Penthouse, in Building 2. They all have good views of the Saen Seab Canal or the City. The architect did a great job in dividing the room sessions and spaces because the dull cubicle room isn't what this brand goes for. You don't get claustrophobia if you become a resident here.

Building 1, the hotel, has plenty of room types for you to choose from. The rooms in this building are slightly different. Unfortunately, they are unavoidably cubicles, but they are nothing but boring. The hotel was inspired by the Sra Pathum Palace and decorated with lotus murals. Also, every room type has an AI to help you with every need; setting the alarm, calling the front desk, playing your favourite playlist, weather forecast etc. All you have to do is talk to it. If we remember correctly, Chatrium Grand Bangkok is the first hotel in Thailand with AI.

Both hotel and residence share a swimming pool and Flow, a pool lounge, on the 7th floor. Hotel guests, residents and walk-in guests can chill by the pool with refreshments and small bites from a wood-fired oven in a laidback alfresco setting. This particular area is the best place to watch the sunset.

We ended up with a grand opening ceremony dinner. Savitri Ramyarupa, Managing Director of Chatrium Hotels & Residences, officially welcomed the invited media before the dinner started. It was a 6-coursed dinner with wine pairing. The food was exquisite and tasty, using high-quality ingredients, techniques to perfection and the right amount of seasonings.

After the dinner, an after-party at the Chatrium Club Lounge with free-flow drinks. Chomp Magazine spent some time there for a bit before retiring to our Premier Room.

We mentioned the in-room AI earlier, and it's one of the things that impressed us, but there are several other things worth mentioning. Electric sockets can be found in almost every corner of the room. Those sockets aren't only for the plugs but also for the USB cables. This is very convenient for people who bring so many smart devices.

The bed is amazing! It's not too hard that it inflicts pain on your back or too soft that it lacks back support, but the pillows are too fluffy for people who snore or have breathing problems.

The hotel promotes sustainability. The hotel chooses NORDAQ as complimentary in-room drinking water. NORDAQ is a Swedish company that harnesses patented technology to provide premium, sustainable end-to-end water solutions. Many five-stared and luxury hotels and resorts to eco-friendly boutique accommodations, award-winning restaurants and cruise ships worldwide use NORDAQ.

If Champ Magazine remembers correctly, Chatirum Grand Bangkok is the first hotel in Thailand that uses NORDAQ's sustainable drinking water solution.

We found that our bin promotes separating waste. We know this isn't new or as extravagant as using NORDAQ water solution, but separating waste is essential in saving the environment and sustainability. Also, it's the easiest thing to do, but people forget to separate waste. It's great that the hotel encourages its guests to separate waste.

Not only the hotel supports sustainability, but also local products. The holistic wellness brand PAÑPURI was chosen to be the hotel's amities. PAÑPURI marries Thai healing wisdom with modern-day knowledge to create unique formulations that are clean, effective and multisensorial. Guest mind and body will be nurtured.

The soon-opened spa of Chatrium Grand Bangkok is THANN Spa. THANN is another local wellness brand that was praised internationally. When THANN Spa at Chatrium Grand Bangkok opens, your therapist will treat you like royalty.

Suppose you're travelling to Thailand or want a staycation in a hotel in Bangkok that supports sustainability and local products with gorgeous canal and city views and is also tech-savvy. In that case, Chatrium Grand Bangkok is a hotel that you should consider.

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