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Feel the Sea and Taste Seafood at Ka-La-Sea Bar & Restaurant, Koh Sichang

Updated: Feb 16, 2023

Sichang Island, or Kho Sichang in the local tongue, is one of the most beautiful islands in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand. It's a part of Chonburi Province, which isn't far away from Bangkok. It's a well-loved destination for many national and international tourists.

If you are travelling there or are planning on a visit to Koh Sichang and are clueless about where to dine, Chomp Magazine would like to recommend a bar & restaurant with a sea view and rock reef that is worth saving in your memory or your social media account.

Ka-La-Sea is the name, situated in the De' Anchor on Tha Thewawong Road. The first thing guests will notice is the brown wooden boardwalk that leads them to this white, one-storied eatery. Inside, the building's beams are visible. Polished concrete walls are noticed, and so are the simple-looking tables and chairs. The place was obviously influenced by Industrial Design or Simplistic Design.

The place opens two times a day, daytime and Nighttime. In the daytime, guests can feel the warmth from the sun that caresses their skin and smell the sea breeze when the wind blows. They have quite a selection of imported craft beers and cider in their fridge. For those who prefer something crafted, they can make some refreshing classic cocktails to go with the vibe.

To complete the experience, there are dishes worth trying.

Pla Meunk Pud Sauce Sriracha or Stir-Fried Squid with Sriracha Sauce is simple but delicious. The squids are perfectly cooked: soft, tender and slightly sweet. The heat, spiciness, herbaceousness and tanginess come from Thai Sriracha sauce.

Tod Mun Goong (Prawn Cake) Served with Sweet Plum Sauce is a snack to die for. Every piece of prawn cake is crunchy and crispy on the outside but soft and juicy inside. Dip the prawn cake plumped with prawn meat in the plum sauce. The sweet and tangy plum sauce adds the dish refreshing notes.

Moo Dad Deaw is also a recommended snack. The restaurant uses pork tenderloin and marinates it with herbs before frying it at low heat, making the meat tender and juicy.

During Nighttime, guests can watch the sunset while indulging themselves with food and drinks.

Pla Grapong Neung Manaow is a spicy and flavourful fish dish using seabass, chillies, garlic, fish sauce and lime juice. The fish is enormous, and its meat is fresh and naturally sweet.

Goong Pao is a grilled prawn dish. The sea prawn is fat and juicy. Dip the prawn in the restaurant's Thai seafood sauce for extra heat and spiciness.

Galumplee Tod Numpla is stir-fried cabbages with fish sauce, perfect for eating with steamed rice.

Ghai Tod Ka-La-Sea is the restaurant's signature dish. It's a fried chicken tossed with Thai herbs, dried chillies and cashew nuts.

The restaurant has a selection of wines for guests to pair with their meals. Chomp Magazine chose the floral, citrusy and fruity LES ORMIÈRES Colombard Ugni Blanc Vin de France to compliment our meal.

Open: Monday - Thursday 11:00 AM - 01:00pm, 05:00pm - 08:30 PM; Friday - Sunday 11:00 AM - 01:00pm, 05:00pm - 09:30 PM

Reserve: +66 65 969 1934

Location: De' Anchor, Tha Thewawong, Ko Sichang District, Chon Buri 20120

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