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Get Nuts with Coconut Culture, an Ice Cream Parlour in Bangkok That Offers Nostalgic Thai Coconut Ice Cream and Twists

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Coconut Culture, an ice cream parlour in Bangkok

Coconut Culture, an ice cream parlour in Bangkok on Phra Athit Road, offers ice cream lovers who are lactose intolerant to coconut-based ice cream. Founders Sasi Therdteerakul and Ekawit Chepanukroh, like most of the 80s-90s kids, have been fans of Thai classic coconut ice cream.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Coconut Culture cups

Thai coconut ice cream has always been unique in its way. However, it has yet to be elevated to its full potential. All the brands Thais have grown up with had one common ingredient - dairy. As lactose-intolerant ice cream lovers, Ekawit and Sasi decided to take an ice cream-making course to experiment with coconut gelato. To their surprise, they discovered that it was possible to create delicious coconut ice cream without dairy. This sparked a business idea for them.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Ice cream flavours

The coconuts used in the parlour are sourced from Sasi's coconut farm located in Ban Paeo District, Samut Sakhon Province. Both the water and meat of the coconut are utilised in making sorbet and gelato. At Coconut Culture, guests and patrons can find a selection of twenty ice cream flavours, including mango, yuzu, mangosteen, shine muscat, Thai tea, pistachio, Bah Bin (a Thai black sticky rice pancake with coconut meat), chocolate, burnt coconut, and more.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Making cone batter

The parlour owners aim to create cones that complement the ice cream flavours rather than serve as vessels for the ice cream. The batter used for the cones is a recipe exclusive to the store. The cones have a texture similar to waffles and a Thai dessert called Thong Muan. The cone batter is made from coconut sugar sourced from Sasi's family acquaintance in the same district, giving each cone a unique aroma.

Salt is an essential ingredient in most Thai desserts, and it plays a vital role in adding extra dimensions of flavour. So, a small amount of salt is added to the cone batter, which gives the cones a perfect balance of sweet and salty taste.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Butter-grilled corn, one of the parlour's signature toppings

What makes Thai coconut ice cream well-loved by its people is primarily because of the toppings that come with it. Many people enjoy eating it with a bun that resembles a hotdog bun, along with sweet sticky rice, syrupped sugar palm, pumpkin, taro, roasted peanuts, and other toppings. Ekawit and Sasi are determined to preserve the tradition of having these toppings with Thai coconut ice cream.

Apart from the classic toppings, the parlour also has signature toppings of its own. Kracheek is caramelised shredded coconut, usually topping sweet sticky rice. The sugary, salty, nutty and smoky Kracheek is one of the toppings that must be eaten with Coconut Culture's ice cream.

The salted egg cookie is a delightful, coconut tree-shaped cookie that boasts a unique flavour profile. Made with salt-cured egg yolk, this cookie packs a savoury punch that is both rich and satisfying. It's no wonder that this signature topping has become a favourite among dessert connoisseurs. The combination of sweet and salty notes makes for an unforgettable taste.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
Super Coconut Butter-Grilled Corn

Although ice cream connoisseurs can create their own ice cream, the parlour also has a signature menu that helps people who need some assistance. One of the highlights is Super Coconut Butter-Grilled Corn. The dish is two big scoops of classic coconut gelato in a cone with shredded young coconut, Krasheek, freshly butter-grilled sweet corn in a cup and a salted-egg cookie. This one is packed with flavours, textures and aromas.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok

Pistachioh! is another dish on the menu that needs love. Two scoops of pistachio gelato are tucked in a crispy cone, topped with roasted grounded pistachio and garnished with a salted egg cookie. The crunchiness and smokiness from the roasted pistachio and the salted egg cookie add dimension to the pistachio gelato.

Coconut Culture ice cream parlour in Bangkok
The front of Coconut Culture

With its tropical climate, Thailand is famous for its year-round hot and humid weather. The ideal way to cool down and beat the heat is by indulging in a delicious cup of ice cream, which is sure to provide a refreshing and satisfying treat for anyone visiting the region. For those who are in Bangkok or on their way to Bangkok and in search of a mouth-watering Thai coconut ice cream, do check out Coconut Culture, an ice cream parlour in Bangkok adorned with green old-fashioned metal chairs, blue sign with old font and decor inspired by the past. It welcomes everyone who wishes to enjoy this delectable treat.

Coconut Culture

Hours: Daily, 11:00 - 21:00 hours

Tel: +669 8903 4714

Location: 286/4 Moo 12 Kasetsin Road, Nongprue, Banglamung Chonburi 20150 Thailand

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