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Buenazo by Na Project, Bangkok's Taste of Peru That Gives People More Than Just Tasty Food

Updated: Feb 21, 2023

Some people have already heard the name Na Projects Group, the team behind a creative social impact café, Na Café at Bangkok 1899. Buenazo by Na Projects is the group's latest project. This Cevicheria & Peruvian Eatery, tucked inside theCommons Thonglor, was founded by Saks - Saksorn Rouypirom, Himd - Diloklap Janthachotbutr and Lima-born Chef Santiago Fernandez Muños who aim to expand their principal through Peruvian food using sustainable Thai ingredients.

Chomp Magazine met 2 of the trio, Hind and Chef Santiago, at the eatery for a friendly chat and to taste some food and drinks.

After being Chef-in-Residence for Na Café since September 2019 and staying in Bangkok during the pandemic, Chef Santiago learned to love Thai ingredients.

"Thai ingredients are different from Peruvian ingredients, for example, chilli," Chef Santiago said, "Both countries have chilli, but Thai chilli gives more burning effect than Peruvian chilli. I have to adapt a little bit to balance the taste of the food."

We were curious about what the food would taste like. Without wasting any time, Chef Santiago headed to the stove and started cooking. The first dish was Anticucho de Corazón, a fire-grilled Thai Wagyu heart drizzled with yellow chilli sauce and served with homemade salsa and chimichurri. We expected it to be chewy and gamy instead of soft and juicy similar to a sirloin steak. Chef told us that he carefully removed the surface of the heart to avoid making it chewy before grilling it and cutting it into fine pieces.

The shop's sign says it is a Cevicheria, so one cannot come here without ordering Ceviche. Chef Santiago uses fresh barramundi from the Thai coast because its meat is naturally sweet and has a nice texture. The meat is cut into bite-size before being tossed in a bowl of ice to keep it at a low temperature. Then, he adds citrusy leche de tigre, a marinate using lime juice, sliced onion, chillies, salt, pepper and the juice of the fish. When everything is mixed well, it is served with corn and yam and topped with red onion and chilli.

Lomo Saltado is a traditional Peruvian dish. Tenderloin beef is stir-fried with onions, tomatoes and fried potato wedge and served with steamy cooked rice. It's umami, sweet and sour, has some gravy similar to Chinese or Thai-Chinese stir-fry, and is incredibly comforting.

Pasta A Lo Macho is a Peruvian-styled seafood pasta. The pasta is boiled to perfection. The seafood stir-fried with vegetables is cooked perfectly. This is another comfort dish or a good hangover food for people who love to drink.

This place serves pisco, and its Pisco Sour is a must-try made traditionally using fresh-squeezed lime juice. It's sour and sweet with a distinct aroma and taste of pisco.

For those who prefer something lighter, Pisco Sonic, pisco mixed with tonic and soda (fizzy water), is a reasonable choice. It can also be a good starter drink or ending drink.

Chomp Magazine noticed that the wooden planks and pieces are relatively old, and some have unique shapes. We curiously asked Himd if these wooden parts used to be parts of something else.

"We used part of a disbanded ship and repurposed it into our eatery," Himd explained. "Also, some of the shop's parts are recycled plastic."

Not only does this establishment produce tasty Peruvian food, but it also practices sustainability. We think that Buenazo, which means "Good Boy" in Spanish, is a proper name for it.

Open: Everyday, 12:00 - 21:00 PM

Reserve: +6689 164 4454

Location: theCommons Thonglor, 335 Akkhara Phatsadu Alley, Khlong Tan Nuea, Watthana, Bangkok 10110

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