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Black King Bar Opens New Branch for Sukhumvit People to Indulge

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

Many locals have known and loved the pizzeria and bar Black King Bar in Yaowarat or China Town, Bangkok, for its Italian twist pizzas and pasta, delicious cocktails and unique dark and rugged vibe. Now, Black King Bar has a new branch tucked inside Patom Organic Living on Sukhumvit 49.

Black King Bar at Patom's vibe is different from the previous branch. This new branch is bright and refined thanks to the transparent glasses as walls, wooden furniture and a view of greens. While the first branch has a cocktail menu for customers to drink as an aperitif, food paring and digestif, here at the second branch, a drink menu is full of coffee, tea and chocolate, which come from the neighbouring café. In Chomp Magazine's opinion, these two branches are light and dark.

The food menu is the same. Customers can enjoy signature dishes like Black King Pizza, a secret-recipe squid ink dough pizza with squid ink sauce topped with cheese and crispy bacon bites. Customers can order Black King Bar's vibrant garlic dip to eat with the pizza crust.

Warning! The garlic dip is exceptionally garlicky. If you decide to eat it, you're not allowed to kiss anyone for the rest of the day.

Angry Bacon Pasta is a spicy tomato-based sauce pasta with sun-dried caramelised bacon, garlic reduction, fresh basil and chilli oil. It's a flavourful and textural pasta with heat -- and it's a Thai kind of heat.

Cheeky Carbona isn't a classic Italian recipe, and it's not always a bad thing. Black King Bar's take on the classic contains Dashi (Japanese-styled fish stock), giving the dish some umami flavour and instead of mixing the egg yolk in the sauce, the egg yolk is placed on top of the cooked spaghetti for the customers to mix it themselves.

Other enjoyable dishes such as Caesar Salad, Magharita Pizza and Pumpkin & Garlic Soup are made of organic vegetables from local farmers around the country. This helps help the economy and local producers.

For the dessert to end the meal, customers can choose a variety of fruity Panna Cottas, which are also made from local produces, and creamy Tiramisu.

With Black King Bar's new branch on Sukhumvit 49, fans in Sukhumvit don't have to travel far to enjoy some pizza and pasta.

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