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A Trade Show Bangkok Bar Show 2023 Honouring Thai Bar Community

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Bangkok Bar Show 2023's gala dinner and award ceremony

The Bangkok Bar Show in 2023 was a three-day event held at Henri Dunant Hall at the Royal Bangkok Sports Club from 3rd to 5th November. The event was a great success, attracting bartenders and cocktail enthusiasts. It provided an excellent platform for industry experts, both national and international, to share their knowledge and insights with attendees.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
World champion and renowned bartender Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn meaking Margarita by pedaling

The show featured a wide range of products from both big and small brands. Visitors had the opportunity to interact with the exhibitors and try out various products, which included premium spirits, mixers and ice. In addition, they had the opportunity to take part in games and activities where they could win prizes.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
A master class by Patrick Pistolesi from Drink Kong, Italy,

Apart from the exhibition, the Bangkok Bar Show also hosted seminars and workshops on various topics, such as mixology techniques, bar management, customer service and inclusivity in the community and industry. These sessions were conducted by renowned industry experts and provided attendees with valuable insights and tips to help improve their craft and community.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Lorenzo Antinori for Bar Leone from Hong Kong having a guest shift at The O.S.S. Bar

Furthermore, the guest shifts gave enthusiasts the opportunity to taste and experience the expert craftsmanship of some of the world's most celebrated bartenders. These talented mixologists carefully curated and prepared a variety of cocktails, each with their own distinct flavors and ingredients, providing guests with an unforgettable sensory experience. From classic recipes to innovative creations, the guest bartenders showcased their skills and expertise in creating exceptional cocktails that left a lasting impression on the attendees.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Award Plaques

On 6th November 2023, the first-ever Bangkok Bar Show Awards & 20 Best Bars took place. The ceremony was held as a gala dinner in the Henri Dunant Hall at The Royal Bangkok Sports Club. It capped off a successful 3-day event, the third edition of the Bangkok Bar Show, also held at the same venue.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
BKK Social Club team going up the stage and receiving award

The winners of the BKK Bar Show Awards & 20 Best Bars were voted by a strong academy consisting of more than 50 members. The night's biggest winner was BKK Social Club, which won four awards including Best Cocktail Bar in Thailand, Best Cocktail Bar in Bangkok, Best Hotel Bar, and The Art of Hospitality Award. This award is given to the team that provides the best all-round consistent service. In addition, the club's Senior Bartender, Chayanuch "Ning" Yodsuwan, won the Emerging Bartender of the Year award, given to a young bartender who shows potential and is expected to become a great bartender in the future.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn receiving ranking plaque

The Bartender of the Year Award was won by Ronnaporn "Neung" Kanivichaporn, who works at the sustainable Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar that's currently trending. He competed against a robust list of finalists, including Philip Bischoff of BKK Social Club, Niks Anuman from Asia Today, and Arron Grendon of Tropic City. Vesper won the Bar Team of the Year Award, while Rabbit Hole was awarded the Menu Design of the Year Award.

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Isarapong Horathapun from Bitter Truth, Chiang Mai receiving ranking plaque

The complete list of Thailand's 20 Best Bars 2023 by Bangkok Bar Show

1. BKK Social Club (Best Cocktail Bar in Thailand and Bangkok) (Best Hotel Bar)

2. Vesper

3. Tropic City

5. Mahaniyom

6. Asia Today

7. Bar US, Bangkok (New Bar of the Year)

8. Opium, Bangkok

9. Eat Me, Bangkok (Restaurant Bar of the Year)

10. The Loft, Bangkok

11. Bar Scofflaw, Bangkok

12. Midlife Crisis, Bangkok

13. Lennon's, Bangkok

14. Teens of Thailand, Bangkok

15. Firefly, Bangkok

16. Rabbit Hole, Bangkok

17. Villa Frantzen, Bangkok

18. White Rabbit, Chiang Mai (Best Cocktail Bar in Chiang Mai)

19. Messenger Service Bar, Bangkok

20. (a tie) KU Bar, Bangkok, and Bitter Truth, Chiang Mai

Bangkok Bar Show 2023
Vesper Bangkok team receiving award

The list of individual awards

Best Cocktail Bar in Thailand, Presented by BACARDI: BKK Social Club

Best Cocktail Bar in Bangkok, Presented by BACARDI: BKK Social Club

Best Cocktail Bar in Chiang Mai, Presented by BACARDI: White Rabbit, Chiang Mai

Best Cocktail Bar in Phuket / Samui, Presented by BACARDI: Suvarn Bar, Samui

Bartender of the Year, Presented by CAMPARI: Ronnaporn "Neung" Kanivichapporn from Mahaniyom Cocktail Bar

Emerging Bartender of the Year, Presented by MONKEY SHOULDER: Chayanuch "Ning" Yodsuwan from BKK Social Club

Hotel Bar of the Year, Presented by ROKU: BKK Social Club, Bangkok

New Bar of the Year, Presented by SUNTORY KAKUBIN: Bar US, Bangkok

Restaurant Bar of the Year, Presented by SINGLETON: Eat Me, Bangkok

Bar Team of the Year, Presented by BEEFEATER: Vesper, Bangkok

Art of Hospitality Award, Presented by ROSEWOOD BANGKOK: BKK Social Club, Bangkok

Menu Design of the Year, Presented by REMY MARTIN: Rabbit Hole, Bangkok

 Bangkok Bar Show 2023
The bonding amongst Thai bartenders

Bangkok Bar Show in 2023 was a fantastic event that brought together the best of the best in the industry, providing attendees with a memorable experience and valuable insights. Also, congratulations to all the bars that got on the list and everyone who receives the individual awards. See you next year!

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