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A Bangkok Bistro Is Winning Over Customers with Tasty Borderless French

Updated: May 16, 2023

Bangkok bistro, Bisou Bangkok with a playful sexual suggestive art piece hanging on the wall

Playfully named "kiss" in French language, Bisou, a French restaurant & wine bar in Langsuan, Bangkok, isn't another French establishment dictated by old French culinary rules. It is a new style of eatery called "Cuisine d'Auteur", offering a casual, not-so-uptight fine dining experience. The place was decorated with pictures of pop-culture icons kissing, showing its relaxed, playful and kind of romantic characteristics. Also, K-I-S-S stands for "Keep it Simple, Sexy", which is the concept of this restaurant.

Bisou was founded by a French duo, Chef Antoine Darquin and Sommelier Théo Lavernge, with whom many of Bangkok's food and wine lovers are familiar for associating with many respectable restaurants in Bangkok. Chef Darquin and Laverne's experience and thinking outside the box make this French restaurant fun and relaxing for guests.

The front of Bangkok bistro, Bisou Bangkok, in Langsuan Alley, Bangkok

Chomp decided to drop by this Bangkok bistro and get familiar with the duo's cuisine d'auteur.

Bisou Bangkok's dining area and wine cellar on the 2nd floor

The exterior looks welcoming even though the building's colour scheme is just black and white. Inside, the dining area shares the same serene colour scheme as the outside. However, the cocktail bar and wine cellar are dyed with red light, contrasting and giving a cheeky, sensual vibe.

Bisou Bangkok's first floor looking from the 2nd floor

As mentioned earlier, this place is free from strict French rules, and the menu always moves around depending on the quality and seasonality of the products. Still sticking to the French and Fine Dining roots, Chef Darquin keeps his food simple to showcase the ingredients.

A pair of toasts with turbot on top as an appetiser

The appetiser, a pair of toasts topped with torched turbot meat, is flavourful and full of texture. The toasts give the dish crunchiness, toasty and buttery. The fish is firm, sweet. Being torched provides the dish with a slight smokiness. Dill leaves give the dish freshness.

Citrusy Hachime Crudo

Bisou's Hamachi Crudo consists of chunks of Hamachi and unique ingredients such as slices of tiny local kumquat and pomelo pulps. Using a variety of citruses gives dimensions to the dish in taste and nose. It's vibrant and compliments the sweet Hamachi.

Colourful Endive Salad

Red Endive Salad is a simple but colourful dish. Tate de Moine, a soft and silky cheese, adds fruitiness and spiciness to the dish, while red endive gives bitterness and mild nuttiness. The vinaigrette drizzled on the dish is made of carrot, ginger, orange, miso, and ginger, offering multiple flavours and a kick. For crunchiness, pumpkin seeds are added.

Seasonal dish, White Asparagus with Chicken Jus and Parmesan Aioli

White Asparagus with Chicken Jus and Parmesan Aioli is a seasonal dish. The sweet with a hint of bitterness white asparagus swimming in umami chicken jus with sharp yet creamy parmesan aioli drizzled on top. For texture, some crushed hazelnuts are sprinkled.

Citrusy and creamy Pasta Uni

Another dish that tantalises tastebuds is Pasta Uni. Freshly made pasta mixed with creamy and flavourful Japanese uni and tiny kumquat that bursts refreshing citrus flavour.

White meat fish lying on top of a bed of chopped green apple and foamy white sauce

Another fish dish, a white meat fish sitting on top of chopped green apple and foamy white sauce, is flavourful and full of surprise —the refreshing sweetness and sourness from the green apple balance the butter and creamy sauce, allowing the fish meat to shine.

Chocolate Craquelin Profiteroles, sweet and bitter trests

To end the meal, having some treats doesn't hurt. Chocolate Craquelin Profiteroles is creamy and chocolaty. The chocolate choux au craquelin is crusty. The white cream, sandwiched between a pair of choux au craquelin, is well-balanced and moderately sweet. The drizzled chocolate ganache gives the dish deep chocolate notes and flavours. It also adds richness.

Bisou Bangkok's wine cellar

If you wish to lubricate your throat during the meal, wine or cocktail pairing is always available. You can climb up the stairs to the second floor, where the wine cellar is located, to pick your favourite red or white. If you're a cocktail lover, You can order some cocktails of your liking, from classic to bespoke cocktails.

For those who like some bubblies, there's a tub full of sparkling wine for you to try and drink.

Chomp enjoyed the food, drinks and vibe. Chomp is sure that many people would enjoy Bisou the way we did.

Bisou Bangkok

Reserve: +6696 025 5858

Location: 68, Lumpini Sub-District, 9 Soi Langsuan, Lumphini, Pathum Wan, Bangkok 10330, Thailand

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