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Spellbound by Khlong Toei's Mores with Bangkok's Artsy, Inclusive The Fig Lobby

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

The Fig Lobby, Klong Toei, Bangkok
The exterior of The Fig Lobby in Klong Toei, Bangkok

Khlong Toei had a bad reputation for having a slum community, but it became a clean and well-organised community after the revamp by Bangkok. A rental flat located in the heart of the Khlong Toei community was transformed into The Fig Lobby, a polychromatic and inclusive boutique hotel, to welcome the improved area.

The main entrance of CHI Art Series Hotel
The main entrance of The Fig Lobby

Chomp had the opportunity to explore this striking boutique hotel which stands out from the residences and shops in the neighbourhood.

CHI Art Series Hotel's Lobby
Lobby of The Fig Lobby

After going through the hotel lobby's main door, we found the high ceiling, spacious and eclectic lobby with friendly-looking receptionists at the reception corner. One of the receptionists offered us a glass of water and let us catch our breath. We noticed that there was a corner in the lobby for exhibiting useful art pieces.

Unique and upcycling furniture
Unique and upcycling furniture from Vitamin Project by local artist Tua Pen Not x manufacturer Comfy Homies

The hotel values collaborating with talented local artists who design one-of-a-kind useful art from upcycled materials. Guests can purchase any pieces that catch their eye.

CHI Art Series Hotel's housemade ice cream
The Fig Lobby's house-made ice cream

After catching a breath, Chomp was brought to the ice cream parlour to enjoy a refreshing cup of ice cream as a welcoming treat.

The guests' favourite Khanom Tuay Ice Cream
The guests' favourite Khanom Tuay Ice Cream

The hotel's ice cream parlour offers 12 flavours for guests to choose from. The most-picked flavours are Thai tea flavour and Kanom Tuay flavour. Kanom Tuay flavour is an imitation of a local dessert called Kanom Tuay which consists of two layers of an eggless pandan custard-like bottom and a coconut cream top. The ice creams are house-made by the culinary team. The very same team that is behind the food at the hotel's restaurant, Mr Quinn.

Mr Quinn, CHI Art Series Hotel's restaurant
Mr Quinn, The Fig Lobby's restaurant

Mr Quinn is a restaurant on the same floor as the lobby. The only thing that separates the lobby and Mr Quinn is the wall of giant glasses decorated with graffiti. Breakfast isn't included when you stay at The Fig Lobby. However, this restaurant serves all-day brunch and has a cocktail bar corner for night crawlers. Mr Quinn opens its door every day from 7 to 23 o'clock.

Gender Inclusive Toilet
Gender inclusive toilet

Chomp mentioned earlier that The Fig Lobby was an inclusive hotel. The hotel's communal areas provide inclusive toilets for everyone, regardless of gender.

The Gender Inclusive Toilet's Interior
The gender inclusive toilet's interior

The inclusive toilets were designed and decorated to be as eye-catching as the other parts of the hotel. They also provide safety. However, sex-segregated toilets are also available. Every toilet is equipped with electric bidet toilet seats.

CHI Art Series Hotel's guest room
CHI Art Series Hotel's guest room

The Fig Lobby has 68 guest rooms and 8 different room types. Every guest room has a balcony and giant organic-formed window for guests to enjoy the view of Khlong Toei and see the life of the locals.

CHI Art Series Hotel's colourful gunny-tote bag
The Fig Lobby's colourful gunny-tote bag

Every guest room is equipped with two locally-made slippers, a colourful gunny-tote bag and a cute vintage-looking telephone. In addition, all the cute drinking clay mugs are made by the pottery studio on the hotel's first floor, where guests can learn the art of pottery. All of these mentioned items are available for guests to purchase as souvenirs.

The Artist M's bed
The Artist M room type's bed

Let's start with The Artist M. The size of this room type is 35 square metres, and it was decorated with primary colours, yellow and blue, with the secondary colour orange.

The Artist M's working desk
The Artist M room type's working desk

This room type is one of the smallest but spacious and comfy enough for travellers or digital nomads who seek affordable luxury.

The Artist L's bed
The Artist L room type's bed

A slightly bigger room type with a similar theme is The Artist L. This 50-square-metre room type was adorned with primary, secondary and pastel colours of yellow, green and pink.

The Artist L's small lounge corner
The Artist L room type's small lounge corner

Due to being more spacious, The Artist L room type comes with a small lounge corner for guests to sip some tea or coffee in the morning and wine at night.

The Artist XL's mini bar
The Artist XL room type's mini bar

The largest room type in The Artist theme is The Artist XL. With its 70 square-metre size, this room type has a separate pantry section equipped with a coffee machine, an electric kettle and a complete set of bar tools for guests to have snacks and easy-mixed cocktails.

The Artist XL room type also has a living corner with a sofa and a large lounge table for guests to loll and watch the telly.

The Artist XL's bathroom
The Artist XL room type's bathroom

The room's bed is round and faces the window for guests to enjoy the view. The bathroom is spacious and consists of two basins, a bathtub and a shower. The whole room was decorated with multiple colours, from primary to pastel colours.

The Stripe Yin's bed
The Stripe Yin room type's bed

The Stripe Yin is another room type for guests to choose from. The size of this room type is 35 square metres. This room type's prominent colour palette is pastels, representing femininity and yin energy.

The Stripe Yin's interior
The Stripe Yin room type's interior

Although the room was dyed in a feminine colour scheme, the room doesn't look all too girly. If a guest needs yin energy boosting, this room is perfect for that occasion.

The interior of The Stripe Yang
The interior of The Stripe Yang room type

There is no yin without yang. The Stripe Yang room type is the same size as its counterpart. The key difference is the colour scheme.

One of The Stripe Yang's single bed
The Stripe Yang room type's single bed

Colours mixed with black such as brick brown, Prussian blue and Sherwood green, are the primary colour of this room type. However, the room doesn't reek of testosterone and is suitable for recharging yang energy.

Shade of Orange's interior
Shade of Orange room type's interior

Shade of Orange room type is 50 square-metre large, mainly illustrated in shades of Orange. To prevent this room type from being overly orange, some other colours were added to balance the orangeness.

Shade of Orange's Living corner
Shade of Orange room type's living corner

The layout of this room type is slightly different from The Artist L room type. Shade of Orange's orange colour, which according to colour psychology, is a colour that stimulates brain activity. This room type also has a working table facing the window. With these factors, Shade of Orange is perfect for workcation.

Interior of the room type called The Red Room
The interior of the room type called The Red Room

As stated in the name, The Red Room's major colour is obviously red. This room type is another 70 square-metre room. It is full of energy and sensuality due to its colour choices and floor plan.

The Red Room's Pantry
The Red Room's Pantry

This room type has a separate pantry, similar to The Artist XL room type, but with a more alluring vibe. However, the living and sleeping areas are merged into one space, giving guests the freedom to move around.

The iconic red bathtub of The Red Room
The iconic red bathtub of The Red Room

The Red Room is the only type of room with a glass partition between the bedroom and bathroom, ensuring a clear view of the bathtub. If a couple wants to spend a passionate night together, this room could spice up their relationship and fulfil their fantasy.

CHI Jungle's mini bar corner
CHI Jungle room type's pantry

CHI Jungle is the other room type with a 70 square-metre space decked in various hues of green. This room was designed to be peaceful and romantic. Every room's section has two entrances, creating a seamless flow while maintaining privacy and safety.

CHI Jungle's bedroom
CHI Jungle room type's bedroom

The CHI Jungle is the only room type in The Fig Lobby's The CHI Jungle is the only room type in CHI Art Series Hotel that features a sliding door to provide guests with extra privacy and the ability to create their own subspace.

CHI Jungle's outdoor bathtub
CHI Jungle room type's outdoor bathtub

CHI Jungle is the only room type that has a built-in outdoor bathtub, perfect for couples to spend their most intimate time savouring the city view.

A lighting sign displaying the second floor number in Thai numerals
A lighting sign displaying the second floor number in Thai numerals

The Fig Lobby has six floors, each with a lighting sign displaying the floor number in Thai numerals.

CHI Art Series Hotel's rooftop
The Fig Lobby's rooftop

The sixth floor is a swagging rooftop. Enjoy a breathtaking view of Bangkok's Chao Phraya River and sunset from our location. It's sure to leave you in awe! Cocktail flows and punch bowls are available at the bar.

Bhava Spa's lobby
Bhava Spa's lobby

Before checking out, make sure to drop by the Bhava Spa, a zodiac and Chakra balancing spa on the first floor.

The interior of Bhava Spa
The interior of Bhava Spa

The spa programme comprises crystal therapy, Thai massage and more. Bhava Spa's therapists are well-trained in their craft.

CHI Art Series Hotel's colourful tuk-tuk
The Fig Lobby's colourful tuk-tuk

The Fig Lobby offers one of a kind experience, allowing guests to see a different aspect of Bangkok. Though the hotel is far from public transportation, colourful tuk-tuk is available to give them a ride to MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre Station.

Also, pet parents are welcome to bring their beloved babies with them when checking in The Fig Lobby.

The Fig Lobby Reserve: +662 103 1033

Location: 55 Rimthangrotfaisaipaknam Road, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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