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Revealing New Themed Suites by JW Marriott Bangkok Collaborated with Luxury Textile Brand PASAYA

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

JW Marriott Bangkok's New Themed Suites with Pasaya
JW Marriott Bangkok

JW Marriott Bangkok is a luxurious contemporary hotel located in the heart of Bangkok. The hotel has partnered with PASAYA, a well-known Thai brand that sells green home textiles and lifestyle products. This unique collaboration offers guests an immersive experience that merges unparalleled comfort with the artistry of PASAYA, creating a sanctuary beyond a typical suite makeover. The partnership celebrates the fusion of luxury and mindfulness, allowing guests to indulge in lavish living while being mindful of their environmental impact.

JW Marriott Bangkok's new themed suites
JW Marriott Bangkok's new Nature Suite

The campaign, Unveiling JW Marriott Bangkok's New Themed Suites: A PASAYA Collaborative Inspiration, introduces a captivating partnership between the two brands. JW Marriott Bangkok's core principle is to promote mindfulness and help guests enjoy the present moment, nourish their bodies, and rejuvenate their spirits. PASAYA shares this vision, and drawing from their sustainable practices, the two brands have come together to create a transformative collaboration. The partnership fuses artistry, luxury, and eco-consciousness, setting the stage for mindful luxury.

JW Marriott Bangkok's new themed suites
JW Marriott Bangkok's new Serenity Suite

The partnership between PASAYA and JW Marriott Bangkok has brought about the Nature Suite and Serenity Suite. These suites are reimagined versions of the JW Corner Suites. The Nature Suite offers guests a therapeutic ambience with Jungle Dream mural art on the walls and Cosmopolitan 1100 Coolagen Series bedding in Glassy White that contrasts elegantly with darker hues. On the other hand, the Serenity Suite is a tribute to the floral concept with soft pink undertones on the walls and Magnolia Deluxe art murals painting a serene floral scene. The bedding in the Serenity Suite is in the soothing Rose Marble hue.

JW Marriott Bangkok's new Themed Suites
Lounging corner of the Nature Suite

Both suites feature PASAYA's Cosmopolitan 1100 Coolagen Series bedding, which embodies the concept of "Beautiful Sleep, Beautiful Skin." These ultra-soft bed sheets are infused with collagen peptide fibres for added comfort. The suites are decorated with formaldehyde-free home fabrics such as textile wall murals, curtains, sofa upholstery, and an Urban Art Rug made with upcycled materials. Each element is carefully curated to create an eco-friendly and elegant environment inspired by the beauty of nature.

JW Marriott Bangkok's new themed suites
Serenity Suite's working space

JW Marriott Bangkok is committed to the planet's well-being, evident in its switch to using residential-sized bottles to minimise plastic waste and promote responsible consumption. Collaborating with Corsair, the emptied plastic bottles find new life as advanced bio-oil, contributing to a circular plastic economy. PASAYA also introduces guests to an eco-conscious and robust tourist bag made from upcycled fabric sourced from plastic bottles. These actions align with the joint mission of creating a meaningful impact on the environment and society while enjoying the aesthetic comfort of the Nature and Serenity Suites.

JW Marriott Bangkok's new themed suites
Nature Suite's living room

JW Marriott Bangkok has recently undergone a transformation of its suites, and with it has come a collection of exclusive in-room experiences designed to align perfectly with the hotel's commitment to sustainability. The hotel greatly emphasises environmental stewardship, which shows in its approach to responsible sourcing. The sourcing of cage-free eggs, using locally sourced ingredients for 80% of the dishes, and the in-house JW Garden, which provides homegrown herbs to enrich the meals, all contribute to the hotel's dedication to culinary excellence and responsible sourcing. In addition, the Responsible Seafood Program guarantees that all seafood dishes are certified, ensuring that guests can savour their meals without any concerns for the marine ecosystem.

The Nature and Serenity Suites at JW Marriott Bangkok offer an exclusive and indulgent experience that will satisfy even the most discerning guests. The Exquisite Arrival Delights: A Gourmet Prelude nourishes an array of delicious options, including vanilla and Thai tea scones and mushroom, feta & rosemary bruschetta, each adorned with JW Garden's homegrown herbs.. Try the Homegrown Delights: A Farm-to-Suite In-Room Dining Concept exclusively available at the Nature and Serenity Suites for a unique culinary experience. Indulge in Gang Kua Bai Cha Plu with Lobster or JW Garden Salsa Verde Grass Fed Beef Tenderloin, both made with locally sourced ingredients for maximum flavour.

JW Marriott Bangkok

Reservation: +853 8805 8888

Location: 4 Sukhumvit Road, Khwaeng Khlong Toei, Khet Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110

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