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MoMo’S Kuala Lumpur– A Collision of Creativity and Vibrancy

MoMo's by Ormond Group in Kuala Lumpur's Chow Kit neighbourhood was designed for travellers who seek a nomadic lifestyle. With its design-driven interiors, fun-packed holiday programming, and unrivalled pricing, the city's first 'social hotel' celebrates creativity and spontaneity.

In MoMo's Playground, where the night is always young, an ever-evolving schedule of experiential events takes place. Designed to cater to the creative desires of its clients, MoMo's features collaborative concepts that encourage active participation.

Over the FIFA World Cup 2022, MoMo’s partnered with Brand New Waves to celebrate the sense of sportsmanship and unity through the football tournament. A prize pool worth RM2000, a community run, scenic views of Kuala Lumpur and a night at the Family Ties x MOJO party were all part of the celebration.

The end of the year 2022 marked MoMo's third anniversary. Not only did the hotel want to celebrate the anniversary but also the holiday season, so there was a second edition of our Open Mic Night. This event was for guests who wanted to showcase their talents and gain invaluable feedback from friendly audiences. Guests were entertained as they sipped on specially-concocted cocktails and finished the evening off on the dancefloor to the beat of the resident DJ.

New Year's celebration kicked off in the spirit of welcoming 2023. Guests were invited to the "Countdown to 2023" party. There was a festive-themed cocktail menu that celebrates this special time of the year, with an array of seasonal flavours.

MoMo's intriguing creative events hosted aren't the only reasons one should stay there. There are plenty of reasons and here are why.

In terms of food, MoMo's is right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur's dining scene, which offers cuisines from around the world, so every craving can be satisfied by walking a few steps from the hotel. The thriving Chow Kit Market showcases Malaysia's majestic culture by offering mouthwatering morsels at a time. The most authentic local delicacies, such as Chilli Pan Mee and Nasi Lemak can be found at hot spots like Kin Kin Pan Mee and Nasi Lemak Wanjo. MoMo's can point guests in the direction of all their dining desires; from Caribbean cuisine to coffee and everything in between, the food scene will be a highlight of your trip.

For culture indulgers who desire to explore and socialise, a cultural landmark for Malaysian creatives and entrepreneurs, Rex KL, formerly known as Rex Theatre, hosts a full roster of exhibitions. Other attractions include the Islamic Arts Museum which exhibits over 7,000 artefacts from around the world, and the Zhongshan Building which houses independent art galleries, music stores, and gift shops.

Those who are planning their trip to Kuala Lumpur, should give Momo's, the first Kuala Lumpur 's social hotel a try.

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