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Italasia Celebrates Diamond Jubilee with Special Camus Cognac

Updated: Dec 1, 2022

On 25th September 2022, Italasia Trading (Thailand) invited media, including Chomp Magazine, to a media session at Italasia Showroom at All Season Place to celebrate Italasia's 60th Anniversary or Diamond Jubilee. To celebrate this special occasion, Camus made an exclusive cognac for Italasia Trading, an importer and distributor of Camus cognac products in Thailand. As the world's largest cognac house, Camus is a world-renowned French cognac producer founded in 1863. Over five generations of the Camus family have devoted themselves to producing quality products with distinctive tastes. There is no doubt that CAMUS is a rich and rare cognac brand.

Before the media were introduced to the unique Camus cognac made only for the celebration of Italasia Trading's 60th anniversary, Italasia Trading (Thailand) General Manager, Wannapa "Pang" Rakkeo welcomed the media and introduced Maxence Goinere, Asia Pacific Area Export Manager of Camus Wines & Spirits to the media.

Maxence then took over the stage and presented premium cognacs. It started with "Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island", a Cognac like no other. Its distinctiveness and marine taste profile are deeply linked to Fine Island, which is known for its high-quality oyster. The soils are calcium-rich and sandy, allowing the vines to thrive, while an abundance of seaweed (kelp) and sea spray gives the grapes a typically marine taste, rich in iodine. As a result of the unique island climate, which is windy but warmer than continental climates, barrel maturation can also be conducted in a steady and consistent manner. This Cognac is smooth and balanced with marine notes. Oddly, it has a note of roasted pineapple which surprised Chomp Magazine due to its geophysical factors. However, these characters make Camus Ile de Ré Fine Island one of a kind in the category and can be enjoyed neat, on ice, or in cocktails.

Next was CAMUS VSOP Intensely Aromatic Cognac. It has floral and fruity profiles and notes of oak, spice and vanilla, which derive from a careful selection of the eau-de-vie reflecting the quintessential flavours of the Terroir, some of which come from the renowned Cru of Borderies. All the barrels that were used for the ageing are exclusively “fine grain”. These barrels went through the ‘French Light Toasting’ process, which gave the cognac low in tannin and balanced oakiness with fresh flavours. This cognac is tropical fruity and floral on the nose and fruity with accents of spices and vanilla on the palate.

Camus VSOP Borderies is a Single-Estate Cognac produced exclusively from CAMUS’ magnificent vineyards in the heart of the prestigious Borderies Appellation – the smallest in the region and the most coveted due to its unique terroir. This intensely floral, handcrafted in small batched cognac is high concentrations of Terpineol due to the land's unique limestone soil. On the nose, enticing notes of vanilla pods and orange zest with soft spices and bright floral aromas. On the palate, an ample and unctuous, with a robust yet elegant structure and a hint of woodiness.

Camus XO Intensely Aromatic Cognac reveals pastry aromas, with notes of apricot, orange and white flowers finely followed by hints of cinnamon. Lavish notes of butter and candied fruit mingle on the palate, anticipating a long finish rich in spices. This cognac is the result of a careful selection of our best eau-de-vie maturing for at least 10 years in small oak casks. The use of lightly toasted fine-grain woods allows for the preservation of a perfect balance between highly aromatic compounds and subtle tannins. Each blend contains distillates from Borderies cru, enhancing the floral profile of this intensely aromatic cognac.

Cognac Camus XO Borderies was exclusively produced on the Camus family's private estate, the largest extension of the Borderies area with vineyards surrounded by forests. Each estate parcel is selected for its capacity to deliver intensely floral wines. These wines are distilled on the lees and aged in separate casks, blended carefully to become the quintessential expression of the Borderies terroir. On the nose, it's rich and complex, with a perfect balance between floral and fruity notes mixed with lavish accents of pastries and vanilla, and on the palate, it's powerful, rich and creamy, with a particularly velvety texture and subtle spicy notes, recalling cinnamon and dried fruits

Finally, Italasia 60th Anniversary Camus Single Cask, a cognac from Bons Bois, France, was produced by 100% Folle Blanche grapes, a rare and endangered plant. This specially made Camus single cask cognac is for only 480 bottles for the first lot. This special cognac gives a soft first taste of floral scent from white lilacs blended perfectly with fruity scents from peaches and pears. The final taste lingering on the tip of the tongue will be a sweet aroma of vanilla and a mild scent of spices. All of these cognacs are available now.

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