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Cap Karoso, A Resort in Sumba, Indonesia, That Combines Luxury and Consciousness

In the heart of charming, off-the-radar Sumba, Cap Karoso is a pioneering island getaway focused on community engagement and sustainability. As of late 2022, this eco-conscious haven consists of 47 rooms and 20 villas, also available for private purchasers, along with a three-hectare organic farm.

Located on Indonesia's pristine southwest Sumba, Cap Karoso sits on the eponymous Karoso beach, a spectacular stretch of sand where megalithic tombs rub shoulders with peaked houses with soaring roofs that reach 25 meters high. Cap Karoso is dedicated to modern, conscious hedonists Fabrice and Evguenia Ivara. A French couple who wanted to fully appreciate Sumba's heritage and wild topography by shaping their first hotel under three core principles: sustainability, culture and community with some Parisian flair.

Cap Karoso's architecture has been designed by award-winning architect Gary Fell and his acclaimed firm, GFAB Architects. Behind every aspect of the building is an unwavering commitment to sustainability and minimizing environmental impact, including operation on 50% solar panel energy with an aim to reach 80% by 2025.

The stylish resort's interior was designed by Jakarta-based Bitte Design Studio, combining the chic, serene and cheery modern French style with Sumbanese antiques and contemporary Indonesian art.

Cap Karoso's villa development programme combines hotel perks with maximum privacy, allowing guests to create their own unforgettable Sumba experience. Each of the 20 villas has a pool, a terrace with a lounge area, an outdoor kitchen and a barbecue area.

The premise's Julang Restaurant and Explorer's Beach Club were designed to encourage like-minded travellers, visiting masters, and local experts to mingle. From mixologists and top chefs to agricultural experts, DJs and more, Sumba is home to a constellation of international talent.

An integral part of the guest experience is Cap Karoso organic farm, where the hotel obtains its vegetables, eggs, and dairy products. A farm set up by French organic agriculturalist Philippe Guiglionda and now managed by a Sumbanese team will also house an eco-farming school for the local community.

Artist ateliers, a creative Kid's Club, an open-air cinema, a spa, a gym and yoga platform, and an activity centre where guests can book unforgettable adventures by land or sea will be available to hotel guests. In all of the resort's experiences, we strive to connect with our guests and give back to the island's community while exploring the island's nature and culture.

Spoil yourself with a luxury vacation with consciousness at Cap Karoso. It will be worth your while.

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