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Prime 19 Khao Yai, Wine and Meat Lover's Heaven in Khao Yai

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Chomp Magazine went to Khao Yai and encountered a restaurant with a modern-style exterior contrasting its rustic interior, famous for wine and meat.

Prime 19 Khao Yai is a wine hall where food and wine lovers can admire a majestic wooden wine cellar and a live cooking station while indulging themselves in wine and food. For those who seek privacy, the premise provides a private area where they can freely sip some wine of their preferences without being disturbed.

This place is also well-known as a beef treasure, including an extensive menu to match wines from the Old World and the New World at a reasonable price. Wine lovers will be impressed with their selections of red and white worldwide.

Gérard Bertrand Réserve Spéciale Pinot Noir 2019 from Pays d'Oc, France, is the IGP grade wine. It tastes soft and light in contrast to its oaky aroma. It has a slight burn and some dryness followed by an acidic after-taste.

Famille Perrin Réserve Côtes-Du-Rhône Rouge 2018 from the Rhône, France. This wine is a combination of 3 grape varieties: Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Grenache. It has flavours of blackberries and spicy spices. It's pretty too intense to sip suddenly. Let it breathe a bit before consuming.

Bodegas Salentein Portillo Malbec 2019 from the winery of Mendoza, Argentina. They use Malbec, a grape with a history, as the main variety. This is full body flavour with a ruby ​​red colour. It has a medium level of tannin, delicate but firm.

Collezione Cinquanta San Marzano from Puglia, Southern Italy, has an alcohol content of 14.5%, which is relatively high. This wine, without labelling its year of production, received the highest score. It combined two type of grapes: Negroamaro and Primitivo and was aged in oak and stainless steel barrels for over 12 months. It's well-balanced, moderately complex, and quite full-body. It has a prune aroma, a taste of red fruits with a beautiful shade of red.

The Prime 19 sommelier recommended pairing red wine with the red meat dishes. An Italian-styled appetizer, Tenderloin Carpaccio and Smoke Duck Breast, duck breast roasted noodles are so delicious. Chateaubriand Herb Crust coated with spices. It goes well with all herbs and spicy sauces.

Grilled 45 Days Dry-Aged Angus Porterhouse Steak was carefully grilled by the chef's technique. The meat was smokey and very soft. The beef is served with 3 types of dipping sauces. This is a favourite among many customers.

Prime 19 Khao Yai is one of the good places in Khao Yai that can fulfil food and wine lovers' needs.

Open: 11.00 AM - 23.00 PM Reserve: +66 44 002 246 Facebook: Location: Kilometer 19, Thanarat Road, Scenical World, Khao Yai Water Park


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