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Opium Bar's New Edition of Liquid Surreality Menu Offers a Selection of Low-ABV Cocktails and More

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
Anny, Bartender at Opium Bar

Low-ABV cocktails are often misunderstood by many bars and their customers. The term low ABV refers to cocktails with a lower alcohol content than traditional cocktails, but this doesn't mean that the flavours should be compromised. In fact, the complexity and balance of flavours should remain intact and not be diluted. Expert bartenders and mixologists have been able to create low-ABV cocktails that are just as flavourful and satisfying as their high-octane counterparts. By using alternative ingredients such as fortified wines, amaros, bitters, and vermouths, they can create delicious and sophisticated drinks that won't leave you feeling overly intoxicated.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
The front of Restaurant POTONG and Opium Bar

Opium Bar on the 4th floor of the renowned multi-awarded restaurant, POTONG, is one of the bars in Bangkok worth visiting. Having received recognition from national and international, the bar's bartender team concoct cocktails and drinks with their expertise and care.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
Opium Bar's fancy ice block

Opium Bar's third edition of the Liquid Surreality menu features a variety of cocktails. It shows guests the classics and two variations of each classic. The drinks on the menu aren't all low-ABV cocktails and are all flavourful. The bar's low-ABV cocktails are emphasised because finding a place that serves them well is a rarity.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
Opium Bar's Kir Reale

Chomp started with the low-ABV Kir Reale, a slight twist on Kir Royale due to the replacement of Champagne with Prosecco. This one still counts as classic. Other than Prosecco, crème de cassis is also the drink's ingredient with cherry as garnish. This refreshing, bubbly drink is tart, sweet and berry.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
Kir Reale's variation, Craft

Craft is one of the Kir Royale/Kir Reale's variations. It is made with a local spiced rum, house-made azacca hop cordial, tonic water and bitter. The drink is citrusy from the azacca hop and has an oomph from the spiced character of the rum.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
French Mule's variation, Training Wheel

Training Wheel is a variation of French Mule, made with local white rhum agricole, niam leaf liqueur, jasmine distillate, lemon distillate and elderflower tonic. The drink has an aromatic blend of sugarcane juice, elderflower, jasmine, lemon, and a panda-like essence derived from niam leaf liqueur. The soft bubbles from the tonic stimulate the palate subtly.

Opium Bar excels in making Low-ABV cocktails
Another vairantion of French Mule, Deception

Deception is a variation of French Mule. It's made with 12-year-old dark rum, house-made betel cordial, jackfruit liqueur, and mint liqueur. , and garnished with a round-cut betel leaf and a secret sauce that will enhance the flavours of the drink.

Opium Bar excels in making low-abv cocktails
Non-low-ABV cocktail, Negroni Bianco

For non-low-ABV cocktail drinkers, don't worry. There are plenty of other options to enjoy. Some great choices include Smooth Operator, Chekhov's Gun, Negroni Bianco and Being Men. The door of Opium Bar is open for everyone who wishes to explore flavours through cocktails. Opium Bar

Hours: Thursday-Monday, 17:00-23:00

Reserve: +6682 979 3950

Location: 422 Vanich1 Rd, Samphanthawong, Bangkok 10100


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