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From Chiang Mai to Bangkok, Midlife Crisis Opens Another Branch in Bangkok

After the success in Chiang Mai, Midlife Crisis Chiang Mai Co-Founders Jiranat Pinno-aek and Thicha Boonthipchampa and celebrity bartenders Watcharapong Suriyaphan and Kitibordee Chortubtim thought this was the time to have another outlet in the heart of Thailand’s bar culture and be more than just a local cocktail bar.

Chomp is very happy and would like to officially welcome Midlife Crisis Bangkok in the neighbourhood.

Many have heard or known Kitibordee or Gov for quite some time. Gov, who started Backstage Cocktail Bar with Watcharapong or Bank and other famous bartenders before becoming defunct by the pandemic, is a multi-awarded bartender who created all Midlife Crisis menus.

Due to this era being influenced by social media, Gov plays with the Era of Disruption by naming his drinks with Thai puns with a # at the front of every one of them. Foreigners can read the English translations on the menu below the Thai names. This idea works with the social media algorithm, which also helps the first branch skyrocket along with the tasty drinks.

Started with #ตัดบัวอย่าเหลือใยตัดใจอย่าเหลือเธอ or #lovelesslotus. Gov uses whisky and mixes it with lotus pollen and strawberry vermouth. The strawberry and lotus pollen give fruity and floral dimensions to this spirit-forward drink.

Next drink was #เก่งจริงก็ขิงมา or #gingerrunner. Gov blends eight-year-old rum with Islay whisky and adds blended ginger vermouth and Campari. It was smoky, sweet, bitter and spicy. It gave us a Manhattan-Negroni vibe.

Our third drink was #ดื่มง่ายเหมือนในเธอ or #easylover. Like the word easy in its name, this umeshu-based cocktail is easy to consume. We didn’t expect that it was made of umeshu, fig leaves tea that he brews with tomato juice, purple cabbage, and sweet basil.

#แตงโมแตงโมแตงโม or #watermelonthreetimes was our fourth drink. It has Gyokuro tea cold-brewed gin, dry vermouth, Cynar, apple, watermelon and fizzy water.

#ใน555มีน้ำตาซ่อนอยู่ or #cryingcomedian is a Dirty Martini-style drink. Gov uses white rum as the base. The savoury taste comes from caper and pickled Jalapeño he soaks in fino sherry. And he also uses the brine.

#เห็นเธอมากดไลค์แล้วใจมันฟู or #loveatfirstLIKE is a Ramos Gin Fizz using house-blended berry gin with cocoa and kyoho grape characters. Gov shaking technique helps the foam on top be smooth and less greasy than most Ramos Gin Fizz.

For those who want something off-menu, this fruit machine will help determine your drink. Chomp pulled the handle and got gin, number seven which means anything and mizuwari. Gov concocted a drink from those results. He added some absinthe. Well, this drink was refreshing and herbaceous.

Let Midlife Crisis Bangkok be a place to help relieve your stress.

Midlife Crisis Bangkok

Reserve: +66631 678 318

Location: 173, 3 Soi Sukhumvit 16, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


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