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Cadence by Dan Bark Serves Up the Rhythm and Flavours of Its Chef Life Journey

Updated: Jan 9

Cadence by Dan Bark
Chef-Owner Dan Bark in his kitchen

Hailing from the city of Chicago, Chef Dan Bark is a culinary artist of Korean-American heritage whose skill and creativity have won him a loyal following among diners from far and wide. Many of his admirers first came to know him during his tenure at Upstairs at Mikkeller, a once well-known fine dining establishment where he honed his craft and earned a reputation as one of the city's most innovative chefs. Cadence by Dan Bark is Chef Dan Bark's latest culinary endeavour. Drawing on his mixed cultural background, Chef Dan Bark blends Korean, American and Thai Cuisine together to create dishes that are both familiar and unique. Cadence by Dan Bark first received its first One MICHELIN Star in 2021 and has retained the star in 2024. In addition to enjoying well-prepared food, diners can also indulge in expertly crafted cocktails from the restaurant's beverage team.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Mini Martini

Upon arrival, guests will be escorted to Caper, another restaurant and bar by Chef Dan Bark. There, they will be presented with a menu called The Three Chapters, consisting of three distinct mini-sized Martini cocktails: Seoul, comprising ginseng-infused vodka, soju and Mancino Secco; Chicago, made from American botanical gin, apple and Lillet Blanc; and Bangkok, containing local gin, lemongrass-infused vodka and vermouth. These Martinis represent the three cities in which Chef Bark has lived. Seoul, where he was born; Chicago, where he grew up; and Bangkok, where he currently resides.

Cadence by Dan Bark

After finishing their Martinis, the diners will be taken to Cadence's mirror room to start their meal with three canapés, representing the three cities with different tastes, forms and consistencies. The first canapé, representing Seoul, is Chef Dan Bark's take on Gimbap. The second canapé, representing Chicago, is Corn Elote with a Korean twist. The third canapé, representing Bangkok, is deconstructed molecular Chicken Satay.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Chef Dan Bark's rising raw soft rolls

Once patrons have finished enjoying the canapés, they can enter the main dining room to their tables and take a breather while Chef Dan Bark presents rising raw dough of soft rolls, which will be baked in the oven before being served later.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Cadence by Dan Bark's cocktail pairing

For the first course, the guests will relish an array of bites: Chicken Liver Pâté Lime Meringue Sandwich with corn tortillas crisp and chocomole sauce; Kombu-Jime Hokkaido Scallop and Tamarind Sauce; and Bacon Jam Assorted Pumpkin Beignet. The perfect cocktail to pair with this course is a bubbly, refreshing drink made from house-made fresh strawberry cordial, cucumber, watermelon, lime and a little bit of carbonation.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Chef Dan Bark's freshly baked soft rolls

While waiting for the next course, the freshly baked soft rolls are served with a glaze of the diner's preferred choice of duck fat, bacon fat, or plain butter. The rolls are incredibly soft and fluffy, making them the perfect accompaniment to guests' meal. But that's not all; the rolls come with three delicious condiments that are sure to tantalise your taste buds. The first condiment is a savoury tomato butter spread that bursts with the sweet, tangy and umami flavours of roasted tomatoes. The second condiment is a rich and creamy miso butter made with a blend of miso paste and butter. The third and final condiment is a house-made jelly that's sweet, sticky and packed with fruity goodness.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Dutch Mussels

The second course, Dutch Mussels, consists of plump mussels, milk curd, umami fresh heirloom tomatoes, gazpacho sorbet, mussel juice foam and transparent kelp noodles, garnished with shrimp paste aioli and yuzu gel. This dish goes nicely with a gin-based cocktail with spiced pomelo, sugar pea and ginger.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Norwegian Salmon

The next course is Norwegian Salmon. The salmon is sous-vide for five minutes at forty-three Celsius, resulting in a smooth, buttery texture. The fish comes with bouncy Brittany razor clams delicately cooked in white wine, sweet baby sugar peas, savoury caper, briny pickled shallots and the refreshing bergamot gel. To complete the dish, a velvety beurre blanc sauce made with razor clam juice is added.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Chiang Mai Carrot

The following course is Chiang Mai Carrots. Carrots come in three different colours and preparations: raw, pickled, and deep fried, served with pomelo, curry and betel sauces. This dish has a variety of texture, flavour and aroma. This dish is a perfect pair for a cognac-based cocktail with basil, sour cranberry and curry.

Cadence by Dan Bark

Chawamushi is the next course, a leek-based dashi steamed egg topped with aromatic Australian truffle, spicy chorizo, crunchy puffed rice and briny pickled cauliflower. The dish is smoked in maple wood and served with smoked dashi, giving the dish another layer of umami flavour.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Syphon with Tom Yum herbs and chicken broth

Wagyu Beef is the following dish. It consists of a bowl of tortellini covered with generous-sized slices of raw A4 wagyu and a syphon with local herbs in the syphon's top pot and dark chicken stock in the bottom pot.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Wagyu Beef

Once the lantern is lit under the bottom pot, the stock boils up to the top pot, infusing the herbs until the lantern is off. The stock drips back to the bottom pot, ready to be poured on the tortellini tucked in the sheet of raw wagyu. This dish is a marriage between Italian and Vietnamese cuisines with a hint of Thailand. This course pairs with a cocktail of red wine vinegar reduction mixed with garlic oil and mezcal.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Uni Toast

After the Wagyu Beef is Uni Toast, made from freshly baked brioche spread with bouillabaisse mouse, topped with Hokkaido uni and garnished with fried quinoa. This buttery, creamy, umami, and full-of-texture dish goes with Whisky Sour with a twist. The whisky sour served at Cadence has clarified egg white in milk and added caraway, adding extra milky and herbaceous aromas to the renowned classic.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Duck Prosciutto

Following the Uni Toast is the Duck Prosciutto, which is made from Barbary duck breast and served on top of a crispy butter crêpe base that perfectly complements the tender texture of the meat. The duck prosciutto is on top of a generous serving of cranberry purée, which adds a tangy sweetness to the overall flavour. To add an extra bit of crunch and texture, candied sunflower seeds hides under the rich cured duck.

Cadence by Dan Bark

Before reaching the main course, the patrons can clean their palates with a dish called Ikura, made from thyme purée covered with roselle granita, blueberries and ikura. This dish is a blend of savoury and dessert dishes.

dence by Dan Bark
A selection of knives for patrons to choose from to use for the main course

Before the main course, a box full of knives made by Korean, Thai and American smiths, some with antlers and horns, is presented for the diners to choose from.

Cadence by Dan Bark
White Stripe Farm Lamb

After selecting the weapon, the main dish of White Stripe Farm Lamb will be served. The lamb will be cooked to the guests' preference and served with a variety of sides. These include garlic yoghurt, orange, pickled mustard seeds, bell pepper gel and marmalade, roasted aubergine, crunchy vegetable crisps, sautéed spinach, rich duck jus sauce and sweet, sour and spicy paprika gastric sauce.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Blood Orange & Pine Needle

Palate cleanser Blood Orange & Pine Needle is a contrasting flavour and texture journey. A chocolate ball is filled with sweet and tangy blood orange syrup that bursts with taste in diners' mouths. This delectable treat is then topped with smooth and creamy pine needle yoghurt, adding an earthy and refreshing note to the palate. It's garnished with candied orange zest and edible flowers that give the dish colour and texture.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Arroz con Leche Brulee and pairing cocktail

The first dessert, Arroz con Leche Brulee, is a delicious and indulgent treat with riceberry cooked perfectly in coconut milk and cinnamon. The coconut milk gives the rice a rich, creamy texture. The dish is also accompanied by a basil seeds cake that adds a subtle earthy flavour, a refreshing basil gel that provides a hint of freshness, and ginger and pineapple jellies that add a little kick and tropical taste to the mix. To further enhance the dish, additional dehydrated pineapple is added to provide a sweet and tangy contrast to the creamy rice and a sugar crust on top that gives a satisfying crunch. This course pairs with a cocktail of white rum mixed with pineapple, yoghurt, peach and limoncello.

Cadence by Dan Bark

In the final course, guests will relish Dark Chocolate, a meticulously crafted dessert comprising deliciously soft chocolate brownie cubes and rich ganache, perfectly complemented by a tangy sour cream ice cream, providing a perfect balance of flavours. The delightful crunch of puff rice adds texture and depth to the dessert, while the sweet strawberries and malt meringue lend a subtle sweetness to the palate. All the elements harmoniously blend together to create a truly unforgettable dessert experience.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Petit Fours

After an exquisite meal, patrons can indulge in a delightful array of petit fours that satisfy their sweet tooth. The platter includes four distinct treats, each with a unique flavour and texture. The first is a Bergamot Macaron, a delicate French pastry with a subtle orange and floral taste. The second is a Cardamom Choux Cream, a light, airy pastry filled with creamy custard. The third is a Cloudberry Caramel Chocolate, a rich chocolate truffle with a tangy cloudberry centre and a smooth caramel coating. Finally, the house-made Raspberry Gummy Bear is a cute and chewy candy bursting with natural raspberry flavour.

Cadence by Dan Bark
Cadence by Dan Bark's dining room

The dining experience is nothing short of a thrilling rollercoaster ride for diners' taste buds. The fifteen-course menu is expertly crafted to deliver a bold and exciting medley of flavours. The contrast between the exciting lineup of flavours and the calm demeanour of the chef is truly mesmerising.

Cadence by Dan Bark

Hours: WED-FRI, 18:00 - 22:00 Hours; SUN, 12:00 - 15:00 and 18:00 - 22:00 Hours

Tel: +6691 713 9034

LINE: @foodbychefdanbark

Email: Location: 225 Soi Pridi Banomyong 25, Wattana, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110


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