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As the New Year Is Starting, Let's Have a Look at World of Mouth's Top 10 Culinary Destinations of 2023, Chosen by 600 Experts

World of Mouth's report

World of Mouth, the independent restaurant guide powered by a global community of culinary experts, has released the Global Culinary Report 2023. The report lists the top 10 culinary destinations worldwide, highlighting cities shaping the world of food and travel, and showcasing the most significant culinary trends during 2023. The report is based on expert surveys and recommendations gathered from World of Mouth's 600 handpicked experts, who have provided over 6,300 personal recommendations, covering over 2,200 global destinations and including 90,000 members.

Copenhagen's Nordic cuisine

Copenhagen has been named the "Best Culinary Destination" of 2023, followed by London, New York, and Tokyo, making up the top four spots on the list. Each city, whether it's the seafood and wine bars of Stockholm or Bangkok's vibrant street food scene, has a unique culinary identity, contributing to the rich culture of global gastronomy.

Here are the top 10 culinary destinations for 2023:

1. Copenhagen: A pioneer in New Nordic cuisine

2. London: A melting pot of global flavours

3. New York: The ever-evolving culinary giant

4. Tokyo: Where tradition meets world-class innovation

5. Bangkok: A spicy fusion of street food and sophistication

6. Paris: The timeless epicentre of gourmet excellence

7. Barcelona: A haven for Mediterranean and local delights

8. Dubai: A luxurious blend of the world's cuisines

9. Berlin: The burgeoning experimental food hub

10. Stockholm: Scandinavian flavours in their purest form

Tokyo's bustling alley

Asia boasts two of its most beloved cities, Tokyo and Bangkok. Tokyo, in particular, is a food lover's paradise and one of the most exciting places in the world to eat. With a never-ending selection of local, regional, traditional Japanese, and international cuisine, there's something for everyone. From the world's best sushi and iconic street food to high-end dining experiences, Tokyo has it all. In fact, the city has the highest number of Michelin-starred restaurants globally.

Japanese culinary

World of Mouth, a leading food app, has released its top ten list for Tokyo. The list includes everything from Japanese-Peruvian fusion to grilled beef perfection and modern Japanese fine dining. In most restaurants in Tokyo, perfection and a thousand-year-old culinary tradition blended with modern influences are the guidelines for chefs, making it a top culinary destination. The restaurants on this list had the most expert recommendations in the World of Mouth app. Tokyo has a total of 156 expert recommendations.

Top 10 Restuarant List in Tokyo

1. MAZ: Exquisite Peruvian-Japanese experience

2. Sumibi Yakiniku Nakahara: Premier Japanese barbecue spot

3. Den: Playful, modern Japanese kaiseki

4. Tempura Kondo: Masterful, delicious tempura creations

5. Savoy Tomato & Cheese: Iconic, minimalist pizza

6. Pizza Marumo: Artisanal pizza, Japanese twist

7. The Blind Donkey: Intimate, eclectic izakaya

8. Higashiazabu Amamoto: Traditional, refined sushi experience

9. GUCCI OSTERIA Tokyo: Fashion-forward, luxurious Italian dining

10. Parklet Bakery: Innovative pastries, cosy ambience

A bustling, vibrant street food market in Bangkok

Bangkok is renowned for being one of the greatest food destinations in Asia and the world. The food scene in Bangkok is lively, vibrant, and bustling 24/7, from early morning to late at night. Food is available everywhere in the city, from street food markets and alleys to upscale roof terraces and traditional floating markets. The city offers a plethora of cuisines from various provinces of Thailand, Asia, Europe, and the rest of the world.

Restaurant POTONG

In World of Mouth's Bangkok Top 10 list includes the world-famous street credible crab omelette and wok dishes of Jay Fai's, the modern Thai dishes of Le Du, the elaborate Chinese-influenced fine dining experience at POTONG, the mind-boggling rock n roll show of Indian Chef Gaggan Anand and the hip and stylish fine dining dishes of the German Sühring twins. This list shows the broad spectrum of what dining in Bangkok is today: from high to low, from hot to cold, and from bustling street food to elegant fine dining. The restaurants on this list had the most expert recommendations in the World of Mouth app. Bangkok has a total of 146 expert recommendations.

Top 10 Restuarant List in Bangkok

1. Jay Fai's: World-renowned street food icon

2. Le Du: Modern, inventive Thai Cuisine

3. Restaurant POTONG: Elegant Thai-Chinese fusion

4. Samrub Samrub Thai: Authentic, communal Thai dining

5. Gaggan Anand: Progressive Indian dining experience

6. Sühring: Refined German dining

7. Nusara: Authentic Thai fine dining

8. Sam Lor: Unique, innovative Thai dishes

9. Small Dinner Club: Intimate, exclusive experience

10. Baan E-sarn Muangyos: Authentic Northeastern Thai cuisine

Newcomer of the Year, Mountain Beak Street in London

In addition to the top 10 culinary destinations, the report also includes special awards. The "Restaurant of the Year" award goes to Table by Bruno Verjus in Paris, which blends traditional French cooking with contemporary culinary techniques. The "Newcomer of the Year" award is given to London's Mountain Beak Street, a Basque-Welsh culinary venture by the Brat restaurant team, famous for cooking on an open fire. This supports the "Culinary Trend" of 2023, open-fire cooking. The "Bubbling Under Destination" of 2023 in Lima, Peru, is recognised for its diverse food scene, blending traditional Peruvian flavours with modern innovation and now emerging in full culinary force.

World of Mouth CEO, Saku Tuominen (to the left) and Creative Director Kenneth Nars (to the right).

Thanks to the CEO Saku Tuominen and Creative Director Kenneth Nars, World of Mouth's foundersThanks to the CEO Saku Tuominen and Creative Director Kenneth Nars, World of Mouth's founders, for compiling this list. Let's stay curious and open-minded while waiting to see what's next on the 2024 list!

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